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Bearphar Nature V Science Selective Grain Free


Warren Scout
I'm wanting to move my bunnies from an alfalfa based pellet to a timothy hay based one. My two options are Science Selective Grain free and Bearphar Nature Rabbit. I'm swaying towards the Bearphar because of the ingredients but I'd be interested to hear if nay of you have moved to an alternative food and which one.
This is a good comparison chart http://www.therabbithouse.com/diet/rabbit-food-comparison.asp

I see that the Beophar is also slightly higher fibre than the Science Selective grain free. The amount of pellets per day that rabbits should have however means that it's not massively important in my view to worry about the difference in the percentages of nutritional values between all of the good pelleted foods. You also need to consider what your bunnies like to eat. Pellets are useful in my view to confirm that a bunny is well. So you would want to have a pellet that they refuse only when they are not feeling well.
I use pellets in the same way as Omi - mainly as a bribe and to check that they are eating normally. Leftover pellets rings alarm bells when they only get a small handful a day. Hay is much more important.

It's such a small part of the diet that I wouldn't be overly worried about which you choose, as long as it's one of the more sensible ones (vs full of junk & sugars / molasses ones). I use mainly Science Selective mixed with some Burgess, just so they don't get used to a single brand / recipe which then changes or isn't available when you need it.

Alfalfa is useful if you need to get / keep weight on a rabbit - so the young and elderly.
Indoor rabbits may also benefit from a specialist indoor rabbit pellet to make up for the vitamin D that they don't get by not being outside.