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Bad vet experience


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I have a 13 week old Bunny (netherland dwarf girl) who has been with us for 4 weeks. She is a happy inquisitive bun who is currently living in a play pen and comes out for some family time to run and she loves to flop and binky and jump. She loves a fuss made of her but really still is not a fan of being picked up.

Today I made an appointment to get her claws clipped at the vets with them teaching me how to do it so I can do it moving forward.

When the vet opened daffys carrier she freaked out and the vet could not get hold of her and it turned into a vet V rabbit situation on the floor with daffy scrambling all over the place, fur flying and Daffy screaming, a sound I never want to hear again. It was awful to be honest.

Daffy really has not been her happy normal self since coming home and has some bumps on her head. She isn’t really eating or drinking and she is more jumpy than normal. She has played with a toy for a moment but not much.

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this and how long did it take for your bunny to recover?

TIA from a very anxious first time bunny mummy x
A rabbit's scream isn't something you ever forget.

I would leave her to settle in her usual environment - where she is undisturbed but regularly monitored. Check that she is eating tonight, has access to water (bowls are better than bottles), has a warm spot and somewhere to hide if she wants. If she usually has veg, offer that, or dandelion leaves - they provide moisture and fibre, and may be more tempting than just eg hay. Also check that she is pooing normally overnight. If she goes into stasis or shock, she will need further treatment. Maybe by a different vet at your practice?

Unless she is hurt or in shock, she should be fairly normal tomorrow - although maybe not too happy to be handled again, particularly if that involves the carrier and a vet trip. Work on building her confidence up again by sitting in the same space as her and letting her come to you. Treats / pellets can be useful to get her attention.

I tend to use a carrier which has a top opening door as well as the front opening door for skittish animals. It makes it easier to pick up the rabbit (with a towel if necessary), or to (eg) do injections while they are in the carrier.

Has she been vaccinated yet?

If you are worried about her tonight, phone the vet (or out of hours vet) for advice and remind them of what happened. She shouldn't be 'flat' or 'odd' in behaviour and she should be able to move normally, even if shes a bit put out by her experience and chooses not to be quite as active as usual. If your instinct says there is something wrong, she probably needs checking over.
How awful. I do not know why vet did not leave you to pick her off floor, or let daffy have time to settle.
Did vet prescribe any pain/anti-inflammatory meds? Bumps on head and screams suggest injury. A bunny in pain will not eat and can quickly result in stasis-gut not moving-that is an emergency.

Sending you and Daffy lots of positive vibes.
BTW many bunnies do not like to be picked up. I hold my dwarf like a football with his entire body supported when he is picked up.
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I have nothing to add to Shimmer's and bunny momma's posts, but do want to say I'm so sorry this happened. Poor Daffy. :( I would be very angry at the vet for putting her through this, instead of letting you calmly try to to pick her up from the floor and giving her some time to calm down. Did the vet check her for injuries before you left? Did she fall at any point? Sending Daffy lots and lots of vibes.

How is she doing today?