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Azithromycin and Metacam- correct order?


New Kit
So I posted a few days ago about my bunny who was shaking his head and acting weird. We got him to his rabbit savvy vet and in her investigations, assuming the shaking was tooth root related she unfortunately found he has a tumour in his lung and a mass in his chest. While we wait for bloods and biopsies to come back she’s prescribed Metacam (which he loves) and Azithromycin, he had both overnight in the vets and was fine and they were happy to release him but when we gave him it at home he completely stopped eating. After a few hours I managed to get him picking again by tempting him with his favourite foods and 13 hours later he’s fine again munching on hay. I know loss of appetite is a common side effect of the azithromycin but I’m wondering if anyone has experience of this combination and can advise what order to give them in/ if the azithromycin can be given with food to stay on top of the eating? Any help greatly appreciated!
You really need to discuss this with your Vet as we are not qualified to give advice about dosing of prescription medications 😀

Rabbits should always have some food in their stomach so the issue of giving medication on an ‘empty stomach’ is not likely to occur, unless the Rabbit has stopped eating due to illness of course.

You need to monitor poo output for any signs of antibiotic induced GI upset, eg soft fecal poo, mucous in poo, reduced poo output, reduced appetite, not eating cecotrophs.