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Any advice on trimming a long haired lionhead rabbit?


New Kit
I have a lionhead rabbit who is very fluffy all over. He needs brushing a few times a week as he matts easily. He shed a lot last month, but he still has plenty of fur around 3 inches long on his back (no lionhead 'skirt' on our boy, just long fluff everywhere). I trim his face regularly otherwise he wouldn't be able to see a thing. Now that the weather is getting much warmer I'm concerned that he will overheat in his long coat and have decided that I will trim him, at least a bit! I'm a bit nervous having never done this before. Any advice on how long to trim to, and whether to use pet clippers or scissors would be appreciated.
I would not clip him but increase the grooming to daily. Rabbits regulate their temperature via their ears. If his coat is extremely thick then you could thin it out using thinning scissors. But be extremely careful, Rabbits have very delicate skin which tears easily.
I never clip mine, just groom thoroughly weekly, or more if they are moulting. Matting needs attention by grooming from the skin level to stop it recurring. I use a double sided metal dog comb. I've never found a brush that will get anywhere near the base of the fur properly, and they are too big to access the armpit / trouser areas that mat the most.

If the weather gets really warm, you will have to make sure they hve plenty of shade and any hutch type accommodation doesn't get too warm.

Clippers don't work very well with fine fluffy fur as they are designed to work with hair rather than fluff.

It may be worth askig your vet what they recommend. Angora rabbits are regularly trimmed right down, so it may be worth finding an owners group to see what they recommend as well.
My lionhead male needs the fur between his eyes and ears shortened to see properly. If you need to trim more, put the comb between the skin and the scissors. Use blunt tip scissors to avoid injuring your bunny.