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Raven is gone March 20 24, Apr 15 24 tribute post 27

bunny momma

Wise Old Thumper
I feel like I let him down.
After days of round the clock snuggles with my spouse and I, Raven chose to pass during a brief time when neither of us were holding him.
My heart is broken.
My little shiny black bunny with the bright eyes was so strong
Raven was a super good boy that enjoyed being held.
The last time he came running to me for his berry loop treat was the day before my surgery. I cannot believe I will never see hiim happy again.
Omg I'm so sorry, but please don't be too hard on yourself. You have been doing the best for him for years, you gave him a very nice family. Raven truly spent a happy life with you as a family. Let yourself experience your pain, never hold back. ☹️☹️☹️
Rest in peace little Raven 🩷🩷🩷
Oh bunny momma...😥😢
I am so, so sorry to see this news. Sending you many comforting hugs.
You've given Raven so much love and care, he was so blessed to have you in his life.
Be kind to yourself. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
Sweet dreams, brave Raven. xxxxx
I am so, so sorry T 😢💔😢

Neither you nor your spouse let him down, you gave him the best care and always put his best interests first.

I know there are no words that will make the grief you are feeling any less painful. So I will just send you many hugs xx❤️

RIP brave little Raven ❤️💔😢❤️
I’m so very sorry 😢 You did not let him down, you always did everything you could for him and he had the best life he could ever wish for. Binky free Raven.
thinking of you and sending hugs xx
I'm so very sorry that you have lost little Raven, you gave him the best life. As others have said, no way did you let him down, I think it's our human nature that makes us blame ourselves. Sending you a big hug xx and sweet dreams little bunny xx
I'm so sorry :( it's like people, sometimes they wait til everyone is gone to pass :( sending so many hugs, he knew how much he was loved xx
:( I'm so sorry, I can only imagine how heartbroken you'll feel
You didn't let him down, he was the centre of your world & he knew how loved he was. I'm sorry your brave boy couldn't fight anymore xx
Oh, I'm so, so incredibly sorry your wonderful Raven has passed away... How absolutely heartbreaking... Like the others have said, you didn't let him down, not one bit. You were always there for him and gave him the best care and so, so much love. He spent his last days surrounded by care and comforting cuddles from you and your spouse, and he must've felt so safe and loved. I'm truly so sorry you've lost your lovely shiny boy. Sweet dreams, little Raven. Sending you so many hugs, bunny momma.
Raven always had super loving care from both you and your husband. At the end, he had what he most needed, which was a safe and secure environment. I'm so sorry it was his time to leave you and you must be feeling very sad. We will not forget what a lovely little character he was ❤️ I often think of him when I pick dandelion leaves for my bunnies, as you know them as dandelion greens, whereas they are leaves to us :)

Topping up hugs for you.
Oh no! My heart gave a leap when I read this. I am in tears. I know how devastated you must be. I am so sorry. RIP Raven xx
You absolutely haven't let little Raven down, I'm so sorry you lost him, he had an amazing life with you and I can understand how deeply you are feeling his loss. Rest in peace little one xxx
I am sorry I have not thanked you all sooner for your kind words.
Every time I try to write a proper tribute for my shiny black boy with the bright eyes that mesmerized me into giving him treats, the tears make my world blurry.

I blame myself for going for surgery hours after he had a setback. I am proud of spouse for going out of his comfort zone to give Raven new abx, pain meds, fluids and trying to syringe feed Raven. Though coming home to see how much worse Raven got in my absence broke my heart.

I hope to eventually write a proper tribute to my very special Raven.
Please don't blame yourself. Your surgery was necessary and required for your qol. Raven's relapse was an unfortunate coincidence. (((((Huge hugs))))))
I can relate to how you feel as I hated leaving Jenna to go to work. I felt it was contributing to her ill health over time. But there was no alternative and I have to be happy that we had the years we did. If only the ones we love could live forever and in perfect health. 😥

I'm sure in time you'll be able to make a tribute to beautiful Raven, but there is no doubt of the love the two of you shared with your unique bond. And that's something that cannot ever diminish. xxxxx