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Rabbit Welfare Calendar Competition 2017!


Mama Doe
Rabbits Require Rights are raising money to help fund their new sanctuary rabbits ear abscess operation

"Our Rabbit Welfare Charity Photo Competition for 2017 calendar is now open! Hop over and browse through the many bonny bunnies and vote 'like' your favourite pics
If you haven't already done so, you can still enter simply by sending your original JPEG images to pics@rabbitsrequirerights.com alongside £1 entry fee per picture, you can send the entry fee to our Paypal account using the same email address, pics@rabbitsrequirerights.com
The idea is that us mere bunny slaves, show off our buntastic bunny companions enjoying the good life whilst demonstrating the 5 freedoms as they relate to Rabbits, this album is dedicated to our buns enjoying their delicious diets
We look forward to seeing your beautiful bunnies! :) <3"