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Rabbit bedding advice


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Hi guys, I want to change Princess's bedding from hay to something cheap and suitable with little hits of hay in places so she can nibble on hay wherever she is on her cage. I'd also like to litter train her as it'd be easier for me to clean her and quicker in case I have little time one day. Thanks.
Can you give more details of exactly what her set up is like ? How big is the area where bedding is needed ?

Feeding hay should be provided in abundance, not just in ‘bits’ amongst other substrates. So hay racks are an option to ensure constant access to a lot of clean hay.

Is your Rabbit kept outdoors ?
Does she have a companion Rabbit ? Rabbits are social animals and need a companion of their own kind.

Is she spayed ? Not only does this make litter training easier it is also essential to prevent her developing uterine adenocarcinoma. As many as 80% of female Rabbits develop this form of cancer by the age of 5, sometimes even younger.

You will find some information about suitable bedding and housing here

I was just going to ask for a bit more information too :)

I agree with IM's advice regarding the provision of hay at all times and at all places where she will be.

Also, has she got a litter tray within her set-up? And unless a rabbit has a digestive/mobility problem, there should be no requirement to 'clean her' regularly. Why is she becoming dirty?