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Peanut or runt?


New Kit
My rabbit gave birth unexpectedly last Tuesday. Unfortunately one kit died but we have 2 remaining. One looks a lot smaller than the other, I'm not sure if he is a peanut or just the runt. I think mum is feeding them both although the bigger one has much rounder belly. The smaller one does have more fur though. Any thoughts?


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Decades ago my Netherland Dwarf had babies. Some babies were quite a bit smaller than the others, yet they were not peanuts. It is possible the larger babies did not inherit the dwarf gene.
The smaller one isn’t a peanut. You need to weigh the kit daily to check he/she is gaining. Also check that the Doe is producing a good flow of milk with no evidence of mastitis.

Was the Buck still with the Doe when she gave birth? If he was then the Doe is probably pregnant again as a doe is extremely fertile immediately after giving birth.