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New member - hello

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Hello all,
I have just joined. I have 2 sweet bunny girls called ShuShu and QiQi. They are a netherland dwarf breed. I have been a bunny mum now for 5 months. They are near 8 months old now. I have been through having to separate them, due to starting to fight, having them neutered, with some complications, but all fine now, re-bonding and now able to give them free run of my bedroom and hallway, so far. They are still working out who is in charge, but they seem at present bonding well, but with some concerns of behaviour in connection to food dominance. QiQi is larger than ShuShu and can knock her over during zoom spells, so keeping an eye on this due ShuShu is tiny and seems to be restricted in being herself, when QiQi has her excited mad moments.

Been many years wanting and then finally getting my bunny family. I am very happy and hope I can give them what they need. They are not a breed that likes handling, so can be tricky to check them over. I have just had them checked over with a vet and all seems fine, so great.

I introduce you to my lovely girls. QiQi on the left and ShuShu on the right of pic.

Still getting used to the site and reading through, but look forward to being an active member. 😊


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Hi welcome to the forum, to you and your bunnies :) they are gorgeous. Glad the bond is going well. Enjoy looking round the forum, shout up if you need help anytime, lots of friendly folk on here. Look forward to hearing more about your bunnies.
Thank you for your welcome. This morning been woken up by my girls wanting a treat (trained them without realising) and now active jumpng on my bed (it's floot level). This is their most active time. It is great they are now feeling safe and trust enough to jump on me. I touch them gently, but that's it. Still a journey. They are so funny. I laugh all the time.

Showing great signs of bonding by playing together, rearranging where they want their seagrass basket and cardboard toys and only over the last few days wanting to make me join them. Hard work getting to this level, but worth it.

Thanks again ❤
Welcome. QiQi and ShuShu look very cute and healthy. They look like the Siamese Sable colored dwarf bunny I had years ago.
Most bunnies do not like being picked up, yet they will allow petting once they trust you.
There is a lot of information on this forum, and you are welcome to ask questions so we can share our experiences. The members are friendly and knowledgeable.
I hope you enjoy it herd.
Yes you're right. They are siamese Sable. I was aware they are not the kind of pet that likes handling, so feel very grateful for any times they allow to.

Thank you for your welcome. I am sure this forum will be just what I need. Thanks
Hello and welcome to the forum :) Will look forward to hearing more about your lovely new bunnies.
Thank you for your welcome. I definitely will give more about life and times of my new family. I Will look where it would be the right areas to do so. 💖