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New housing needed


Warren Scout
Hi I have a French Lop and a Mini Lop x Lionhead in a cage. They have both outgrown this cage and I have now decided to upgrade their indoor accomodation.

I am think of metal puppy pens.



What size do you think I should get height wise? Is it better to buy two of them or is 1 puppy pen big enough for them both?
Oh and where is cheapest to buy them from?
I think you need to be careful with these as they are often not as large as they seem at first glance. I would carefully measure out the area they will cover. I got some from Zooplus last year. Mine is about 1m high and one of our mini-lops can jump out - she just "runs" up the bars! I use it as a run in the garden so I can't put anything near the sides or they'd jump out! It depends on the buns of couse, I had a Dwarf Lop who wouldn't have thought about jumping out.
I got given the savic 4 sided pen to put bun in when I was cleaning him out/stop him getting into mischief. Up until yesterday I would of recommended it but the little tyke decided to do the high jump and managed to jump right out of it.

I don't know if the savic 6 has higher sides or not? Also the "cover" it claims to come with has already been chewed apart ...
NIC cubes are a popular choice, you can build them a height and size to suit, or the largest size of dog crate with a run attatched?
Well, the more boxes of NIC cubes you buy the bigger home you can build! The largest dog crate can have extra levels added. Have a look around the site, do a search for indoor housing ideas and you'll see some lovely homes others have made for their buns.
I love the setups people have with NIC cubes, but with having 8 buns it's not financially feasible at the moment to do it, so what I have is a 48" dog crate (ebay £50), and have attached puppy panels to it with dog clips. One of the pairs is a french lop (unknown as was told she was fully grown!) and a single french (big!) is is a crate on her own. What I've also done is attached a piece of wood halfway up to make a 2nd level and for their food bowls. Seems to work fine for them :)
I would definitely go with the second option. It's really important to have that top cover and the other type of cage is more for a rabbit who is getting special time outside.

most people don't know/realize this, but it's really important you cover 1/4-1/3 of that cage with a towel for some shade and some large text books on top of the cage. It will keep the shade in place and it will prevent raccoons or other predator animals from getting into the cage if you take your eye off them for 10-15 minutes