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Neuter together or separately!


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Hi, I am hoping to get a male and female mini lop. The male is about 6 months, the female about 3 months. They don’t know each other. I’m trying to find out if I should collect them in the same container, bring to vet, neuter etc all together or keep them separate through the whole process and introduce after a couple of weeks? From what I’ve read being together through that stressful process might make it nicer for them and speed up their bonding. What do you think?! (Thank you in advance for any advice!)
If the ages were reversed and the female was six months old your options would be better. My rabbit savvy vet prefers not to neuter females earlier than six months, others will spay a lot younger. The male could be done now but will be fertile for 6+ weeks after the op.

I have kept litter mates M/f together a few times, the male being done at about 14 weeks and the female at 24ish weeks.

Given the fact that your rabbits have never met, I would keep them apart until both done.
I agree with BB. I would get the boy done ASAP and the girl at 6 months, or whatever your vet advises. They will also need vaccinating if they've not already been done. Ask your vet about neutering when you take them together for vaccinating.

Boy neutering is an easier operation with quicker recovery. He will still need to be kept indoors for a day or two minimum. The girl will need longer to recover, so waiting until Spring has other advantages, unless they will be indoors over winter anyway.
Thank you so much for your replies! Its a shame, Ive seen ‘stress bonding’ as a (not ideal) technique for bonding. And I know with horses travelling them together is a really effective way to ease introductions. So I was thinking it could all work perfectly if they went through that stressful experience together. But I’m inexperienced with rabbits so advice is what I was looking for (even if it’s not the answer I was hoping for! 😂)
I was going to keep them indoors and free range under supervision. So it sound like separate cages side by side until both are neutered? The recommended age for spaying females seems to vary a lot, from 3-8 months. Every site I look at has a different age. Does size of breed make a difference?
Sorry this isn't the answer you were hoping to hear but typically Rabbits. Once the boy has reached 6 weeks post neuter you could introduce them and the female would be spayed at 6 months. You shouldn't need to stress-bond them as it should go very easily as they are still young.
There is often a minimum size / weight quoted for neutering (1kg?), but some breeds (eg Netherland dwarf) would struggle to meet that in adulthood, and giant breeds should be done much later as they mature more slowly. For most, boys can be done as soon as their testicles drop (so often at around 12 weeks) and girls at 6 months, although many vets now do girls earlier than that. It depends on what your vet is happy with, so ask them.

The RWAF site is usually a good source of info on everything bunny related:
Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it. Can I ask one more question? Do both need to be neutered?
He's going to be a persistent pest towards her (and possibly you) if not neutered. She may turn on him. Neither will be happy bunnies.

She needs neutering early to prevent uterine cancer. Something like 80% of entire females have it by about 3 years old (can't remember the exact figures, but it's frightening). She's also very likely to become pregnant before you realise it and before she's old enough for neutering if there's an entire male around. That leaves you with a whole load of problems.