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Necklace Auction in Plumpkin's Memory


Mama Doe
Hi everyone,

This week I'm auctioning off a ceramic necklace in Plumpkin's memory to raise money for registered charity Rabbit Rescue Inc in Canada, who do amazing work rescuing dumped rabbits daily, which is a huge problem over there.

Charity Auction Bunny Pendant by Rachel Brown, on Flickr

To bid, you must comment on the post on my Instagram page and tag the person who bid previously so they know that they have been outbid. The auction ends tomorrow, 2nd May at 17.50pm UK time.


Mods, if there is any information or clarification I need to add, please let me know rather than deleting this post. Thank you :)
All the things you make are just beautiful and sell out so quickly. I missed this auction.:(
Your stuff is amazing Beapig - your so talented. Can't believe you worked on Isle of dogs we love that film! What lovely pictures of Plumpkin too

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