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Holiday boarding problems!!! (after Sally Machell closure)


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when we go on holiday we used to leave our bunnies at Sally Machell's centre in Watford before it got closed down.

We're having trouble finding new places to leave our two buns for a holiday next year. Can't find many places in Herts / Beds / Bucks / Greater London etc

Can anyone make any suggestions, especially if you used to use Sally yourself?

Hi Peppermint we offer Specialist Bunny Boarding here at the Guardian Angels Sanctuary . Our Clients and their bunnies travel here from as far as Lancashire down to Devon, as we have a unique set up, and offer 30 plus years bunny care experience and lots of space!!.
I am Able to help with Bonding Bunnies, rabbit Behavioural Problems and ongoing health advice.
We only take in rabbits for boarding.
We collect and deliver too from London area on occasions, no problem.
Bunnies do not seem to get stressed with a long
journey as long as they are kept covered in a box with piles of hay and water, and Rescue Remedy..works a treat :wink:
All money raised goes towards our Sanctuary of special need bunnies and Rabbit Rescue Centres : We are not BUSINESS based, and only take in a few rabbits at a time, as we strongly believe in quality care for a few. :wink:

Please give as much notice for bookings as possible as we are very busy all year round, and are now taking bookings for 2005.
Please note we do not accept unvaccinated rabbits and we follow the highest standards of hygiene and care.
The Boarding facilities have been Veterinary Inspected and approved, and we are fully Petplan Insured.
Please see www.rabbitguardianangels.co.uk

A big welcome to the Forum :D
Hi there,

I am Qualified Veterinary Nurse that runs a licensed Cattery & Small Animal Boarding establishment in Hillingdon, Greater London. We have boarded rabbits officially for 4 years now, & the cattery opened this Easter.

We have taken on a lot of additional customers following the unfortunate closure of Sally Machell's boarding facility, as well as having our own customers.

We require all rabbits to be fully vaccinated for VHD & myxomatosis. All rabbits are boarded in our purpose-built boarding house with runs inside.

We are full up throughout this month, but please contact me if you are interested for future dates. :D

PS. For future reference;
The rabbitry is totally separate from the cattery & it is actually very peaceful there (how i like it!).

Viewing is always recommended.

I apologise if i shouldn't have posted this here - just being helpful in response to the question as happened to be within the areas requested.