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Bonding question.... slow bonding of trio

Yes ideally I like a bigger space too, there is only so much chasing they can do in a tiny area. I always end up changing bits of my strategy round to suit the buns / situation though.

Yeah its hard when they leave. I think I've felt more tightly bonded to bunnies that have been nursed through long illnesses / been instantly loving / I've felt to be really vulnerable. We had to say goodbye to both Joey & Mouse last year . Both were almost or around 11. Boo is still going - she looks like an old lady now. She is blind, deaf & still awesome :love: We got Eddy from the RSPCA last year. Not sure its the best match in the world but they are proper loved up. He is happy to go off on missions to destroy while she sleeps:lol:

Keep us posted with any updates please