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Bonding Bella again

You are doing very well with your feeding and yes they should be eating loads of hay or grass. The last Rabbit to join us came with a big Carrot :shock: I've more or less weaned her off them now and she gets a small piece now and then.

Morning Toni, something terrible happened! A fight broke out! My little girl accidentally left the living room door open & Bella got in to Morgan’s room. I was in the garden & got them separated within 4-5 second but they fought. I’m so upset this has happened & that Iv probably ruined any chance of bonding now. Morgan was thumping lastnight badly & the night before & I think maybe it was because he knows about Bella. I don’t know who started it as I was in garden but have glass doors so rushed in when I heard it & knew it was a fight. Iv just checked both over there & seems no injury but will do a proper check once I get my little girl to school xx

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