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Thread: Luna has been sneezing

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    Quote Originally Posted by InspectorMorse View Post
    Is there any nasal discharge ?

    Is she maintaining her weight ?

    I assume nasal polyps have been excluded as a possible cause ?
    no nasal discharge. sneezes are dry and her nose is dry -- well, its always been a tad damp, but she's been that way since adopting her in october 2015. no obvious issues with that, and it hasn't changed.

    I do believe she is maintaining her weight. I need to double check as I haven't weighed her since moving, but previously no fluctuations.

    I would assume also nasal polyps have been ruled out as my previous vet did look in her nose on multiple occasions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omi View Post
    There is just an outside chance about this, but I think it might be worth a try as you have tried so much that hasn't helped.

    I have a chronic problem with allergies and have to take anti-histamine most days. It took a very long time with different types of anti-histamine to find one that worked. For me strangely that is Piriton, the one most commonly prescribed, but that's often not the case with other people. Piriton is also not normally slow-release, so maybe you could discuss with the vet how Luna could be 'topped up' with Piriton throughout the day (I guess you are giving it to her just once a day?). I would also discuss with the vet the possibility of experimenting with different anti-histamines.

    The fact that she sneezes after putting her head in the hay suggests to me that it is allergy. Have you tried removing all the hay and feeding them both fresh grass? It's not something that you would be able to do all year round, but it might be worth the experiment to see if it made a difference. If it does then you will know for sure it's the hay, any sort of hay.
    she's on piriton twice a day as directed by the vet. she's even on "max dose" of 1ml every 12 hours. I can def ask about other allergy medications, but I think from the sounds of it piriton is the only one? I'm willing to be corrected, but most others for animals are tablets / aimed at dogs & cats, so they also taste of meat that being said, Luna DOES have a taste for meat as evident by her beeline for some spilled chicken broth & a piece of (cooked) chicken that fell on the floor - obviously, she got none, but she's a right weirdo

    I would assume a hay allergy too, as she reacted really badly to the timothy hay. but now, a lot of the sneezes she isn't even around any hay. just last night she was bundled up under the dining table, to suddenly start sneezing. nobody had been near her to trigger it (me or orion). so it just feels...odd. theres no timothy hay in the house now, I put it in the spare room and a lovely lady came to collect it for free for her rabbits. since then, I've vacuumed the house multiple times & and cleaned the lino too. I can only think there's some spores / irritant in their cage rn on toys. I'm going to drown those today in a last ditch attempt.

    she got into the bag of ings hay (tipped it over, little mare lol) and was head first in that for a good 10 minutes without any problems. so its really the timothy hay that she has an issue with, I think, I can just only think I need to wash everything in their cage to get rid of it fully.

    grass is a good idea, I just don't know how I would sustain it. my back yard has no grass, so I'd have to see about growing it, but I don't think I could sustain them off of grass for a few days to test it out that way.

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    I've booked a vet appointment for her, Wednesday. its a little away but was the best vet to see her.

    thing's are getting..a bit worse. I think she's still sore from her massive sneezing fit a week ago. she's just pooping (and peeing) all over the pen atm. i cleaned it yesterday and there's pee stains all over and poop. I assume its her as I've seen her in the litter tray less I got her a dog bed as it would be easier to step into, which is helping some, but its not helping the underlying cause.

    arthritis + sneezing = not a good mix :S

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    Good luck with Luna: I can empathise with her as I've hurt myself sneezing

    I also second Omi's point about different antihistamines: I had a bite on my leg which had swelled up. I took a Piriton and a few hours later it was twice the size I gave unbranded cetirizine (10mg, the usual) a go a few years ago (when my hayfever got worse, in my early 30s, yay ) and I've been fine with it. Doesn't do anything to my bites, but crucially doesn't make them worse!

    That was a lot of eyerolling
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    spoke too soon
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    vet has no idea, she's really stumped we've tried everything. she's going to contact a few vets she knows to bounce ideas off of them. her breathing is clear, nothing is wrong. nose looks ok, no discharge

    she's starting to wee herself when she sneezes and she's really quite sore.

    the vet is gonna speak to some others and see if they can bounce any ideas back to figure it out.

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    oh poor girlie, I really hope they can find the cause of the sneezing xx



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