View Full Version : I will never undertand rabbits...

21-04-2015, 03:14 PM
The litter boxes are made up of megazorb covered with hay or straw. Over the last couple of months I've been using 2013 Timothy Hay as their toilet hay - mixed with cheap meadow hay - and they get 2014 Timothy Hay to eat (they don't like the 2013 hay so had use up 10kgs of it somehow:roll:).

I ran out of the 2013 Timothy Hay so bought a big bag of yellow barley straw - nice and soft for their bottoms...and made up the litter trays with that - and giving the usual 2014 Timothy Hay to eat.

Little sods decided that the cheap, no nutritonal value, barley straw was much better to eat than the Timothy Hay - ALL of them...and used the Timothy Hay for their poops and pees.:shock:

Ah well - what ever floats their boat - and I guess I can expect some glorious golden poops today :lol:

21-04-2015, 04:31 PM
I have the same problem - spent a small fortune on oxbow western Timothy hay, oat hay, other really nice green Timothy hays, was he interested? Nope!

Give him a bag of B&M yellowy Timothy hay at 1.99 a bag and he is in heaven! Literally the only hay he eats without force haha.

At least cheap tastes work out better for us! No way I was paying 10-12 bag for oxbow on a regular basis :lol: