View Full Version : i miss my amoss now hes got a g/f

31-10-2007, 12:04 AM
hey guys iv just bonded my amoss(boy) and floss(girl) amoss was veery close to me and when he was a single he did get alot of attention and he used run upto the cage for a nose/ears rubed and i used to clean her eyes for him everything and loved cuddles and floss was more distant hated picked little miss bossy, so now when i go to cage floss run off and now amoss follows her,he run away from me now
:( i jjust miss him
not close anymore doesn't come running when i give him hes fava veg,felt really sad when i noticed it todays

31-10-2007, 11:55 AM
Aw, sorry you are feeling so bad. I have found with my sisters rabbits, the first few weeks they were bonded, they were just into eachother and protective over eachother. But after that, they still love human contact just as much. Keep at it, show them you still want to give them just as much attention and I'm sure they will both settle back in.

The buns as they have just been bonded, are falling 'so in love', rabbits are besotted with eachother in this 'honeymoon period' so they will be conentrating with eachother at the moment but they will set into to married life soon.

Good luck xxx