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23-05-2012, 12:06 PM
A friend contacted me yesterday asking if i would adopt her 2 year old female rabbit 'lola'. She has had a baby and does not have the time to spend with lola anymore. She feels terrible as she loves absolutly loves her and is really gutted about the situation.

She really wants me to have her and I just cant say no to any animal in need (if hubby is ok with another one). She is a bun in a hutch on her own and so eventually I would like to try bonding her with Rareby and lopi. If they decide they dont want to bond then i will try to bond her with a friend. I really hope they would bond though as not to sure what hubby would say to another set up.lol.

Lola hasnt had any jabs or been neutered. I cant afford to neuter her at the moment as hubby has been made redundant. But I will take her to the vets for a good check over and her jabs as soon as I get her. My friend also mentioned she is over grooming and now has a little bald patch :( Any idea why? could it be linked to being alone? Is there anything i could have ready to treat her with?

Please tell me I am doing the right thing?

23-05-2012, 12:38 PM
Given you are helping your friend out, could you ask her to pay for the neutering & vaccs? I'd guess she wouldn't be able to look after the bun post-op, but it could be done once Lola is with you.

I'd certainly ask her to cover the vaccs and get them done before the bun comes to you, as you could always say that you don't want to risk your own buns' health so they need to be done & effective before she moves to you.

You probably need to think about whether you can afford another pair - which is the worst case if Lola will not bond with your existing buns, but needs a partner. If you're not sure that you can, then you should probably advise your friend to contact a rescue - have a look on the Rabbit Rehome site to find your nearest ones - but she might still be asked if she could arrange vaccs and/or neutering while on a waiting list for a space (as rescues are very full at the moment, and money is always tight).

The overgrooming could be due to loneliness or hormonal issues as she's unneutered.

24-05-2012, 10:46 PM
Hi Kate,

Thanks for your reply :)

I honestly dont mind paying to have her vacs or having her spayed it just i cant have her spayed right away. I will however have her jabs as soon as i get her, no way will i delay that. As I mentioned my husband got made redundant not so long ago but he has just set up his own business and so the squeeze on spending is only temporary. Its currently just the money from my business funding our family of 3 people, 2 dogs, 2 piggies and 2 buns so I cant have her done right away. I will be able to do so in a couple of months though as soon as we can slacken the belt.LOL. :D

I have really been thinking about it lots and have discussed it with hubby and he says he's ok with another set up if it did come to that and I would be more than happy to welcome needy bunny into our home. I was actually thinking about bonding another bunny with them once things are back to normal and it would only be a rescue bun. I have been discussing it with one of my bunny friends today and she thinks I should get a 4th bun and try to bond that and lola at the same time. I want to do my research on that first though. As I only have their interest at heart at will do what ever its best for them. I am a absolute sucker for a animal in need. Hense the house full. LOL.

Thanks again for your advice. It is very much appreciated. I am fairly new to keeping rabbits but a strong believer in responsible pet ownership :)