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08-11-2007, 05:52 PM
Hey my friend has a bunny, its dominos sister (it was a big litter there was 8 of them and cus they went 2 ppl i kno im always m,entioning one of them on here)

Her name is Rainbow, a red eyed white. shes beautiful, my friend lives with her boyfriend, who lives with his dad. She aske dhis dad if she cud have a rabbit and he said yes as long as she cares 4 it, she didnt think hed take an interest, but he did. so she was happy bout that.

they have a small completly enclosed garden so whens hes out there/in the kitchen she lets her out and watches her play with their kittens etc, but she never takes her eye of her.

His dad, sumtimes lets her out too, now my friend doesnt mind that but he just goes indoors and watches tv, or dus aumthing else he jus leaves her to it. its got even worse recently bcus my friend was asleep in bed, and he let the rabbit out, and then went to work! when she got up there was HUGE hole in the garden, and when he got back he had a go at her 4 letting the rabbit make the hole.

she asked him not let her out and not watch her bcus if she doesnt know shes out there etc she cnt keep an eye on her and sumthign cud get her or she could escape, and he just laughed. shes getting really angry and worried.

rainbow does have a run by the way, connected to the hutch but he still lets her out. what advice can you give her?
shes tried being polite but she cnt be rude bcus shes living in his house.

09-11-2007, 02:07 AM
sounds like he perhaps is hoping something will happen to the bunny:evil:

Or does he think a rabbit is just like a cat or dog and doesnt need to be watched:roll:

dont know what she can do or say really as she is living in his house and it could make things awkward, could she perhaps ask her b/f to have a word with his dad???

09-11-2007, 08:55 AM
Not very good advice but start saving quickly for their own place.

Myabe lock the run so he cant let her out too. :roll: although she'll probably have to explain that to him.
Or find some material about buns and leave it lying around for him to read?

09-11-2007, 02:37 PM
well her boyfriends dad loves cats, they have cats and kittens, he doesnt get then fixed so now they have eleven cats, my friend told himt o get the mom spayed but he was like 'oh but i like th ekittens', she said 'but you dont know who the dad is and what problems he couldbe passing on' and he just didnt say anything. hes very ignorant about it, anyway, bcus hes neva home, the kittens have got a big attatchment to my friend. she cares for them, feeds them cuddles them, makes sure there well. and hes annoyed bcus aparantly she has 'taken them away fromh im' so he keeps getting the bunny out...to do the same 2 her. problem is she cnt stop caring 4 the cats bcus she cnt do that, she loves them and he neva pays them any fuss.