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Thread: Chinese broccoli?-Is it safe???

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    Hay u never know they might be the smae thing and the supermarket just labelled them different to look like they have variety. Thats alright, mum doesn't know how we are meant to eat chinese broccoli, she doesn't know how to prepare it.

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    Default Asian greens

    Most Asian greens are fine to feed your bun but never feed to much mustard greens as it gives them gas and can put them in gi stasis which is a build up of gas and they first start to go off their food back door stops working and can lead to death if u don't get in2 the vet asap many rabbits can b fussy with their food ice berg lettuce big no no as it can give them poopie bum and alot of lettuce hold little nutritional value but dark green Asian greens are fine there are many foods not to feed your rabbit such as foods with acid content potato's rhubarb as these foods will cause death carrots are to b consided as a treat as they have a high sugar content anything with a high sugar content should be rarely given as this can also cause kidney liver and gi stasis leading to death my bunny has recently been in the vet due to gi stasis there are things vet can do and u can do eg force feed critical care and water but I also advise u call the vet or YouTube videos on force feeding your rabbit I had to do this just recently and I found force feeding my rabbit was a every 2 to 6hr task depending on size of your rabbit I hope you all find this useful.happy hopping peeps And always give your rabbit the Asian greens rinsed under cold water and uncooked Plenty of hay the greener the better and a cup of pellets and plenty of fresh straw
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