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Travelling to the EU


New Kit
I have been searching the internet but cannot find a clear answer on what is needed to take a bunny to the eu.
I found a website saying nothing is needed at all to enter France with a rabbit, I found some info that I need a health certificate… Haven’t seen anything at all about rabies vaccination, however, when I asked my vets for the health certificate they said he needs a shot (the receptionist didn’t seem too sure but booked me an application to have it done).
I would be grateful for any info on this. Thank you.
It's never been easy to find the regulations relating to taking rabbits abroad. It may be easier to ring the advice line given on Omi's link to get a more definitive answer. There are also specialist animal transport services that may be able to advise.

There are a couple of RU members who have travelled between countries with rabbits who might know a bit more about it.
I wouldn't want to give a rabies shot unless positive that they're required to have it before entering France.

If you're from the UK, I feel like it shouldn't be required because the UK doesn't have rabies. It would obviously be different if you were coming from a country that does have it.

But of course, the law might be not logical, so best to find out from someone who's traveled with rabbits, ideally.