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Rolling and flickering eyes


Warren Scout
I have a wierd problem with Brad my french lop. For a period of a few months past every time I lift him up to move him or am carrying him his eyes roll ans his head tilts very slightly, not to any particular side. Then as soon as I he reachs the floor he stops immediately.
I asked the vet and he said because there are no symptoms/problems with Brad except for the actual eye flicking dont worry about it and put it down to dizziness. But he never used to do this when I first had him.

Anyone have any shared experience of this or ideas for me? :?:
Did the vet check his ears properly, he could have a wee infection deep down in the canal. MAybe you should ask for a second opinion from a specialist.
I think it would be wise to get his ears checked out flickering eyes and slight tilt to the head is a sign of an inner ear infection, that can be worsened if the bunny is raised any height. This can be cleared up quickly, but needs to be caught early.
Oooh I'd have to say get his ear checked too sounds very like an ear infection if he only ever does it when lifted to a height. If your vet still can't find anything as it could be EC as Tamsin said, it could be affecting his brain which is why it only causes a problem when lifted.

find a new vet. The eye flickering is a sign that something is wrong. If they flicker side to side it means there is usually some sort of infection present. At this point its probably low grade. if its up and down then it means there is brain involvement and you will want to find out what is going on. but an eye flicking bunny doesnt not have symptoms - the flicking IS a symptom on its own!
I will definately make him an appointment now, I am very worried I have to admit it. Brad is very happy at the moment licking a patch on the carpet where ginger beer was once spilt many moons ago, it hard to imagine something seriously wrong with him.
Thanks for your help guys, ill let you know.