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Remembering Leo bunny 1 year on

Craig 1965

Warren Veteran
They say time is a healer. And for some, this may well be true. We all heal at different speeds and we all handle situations differently. I miss all of the rabbits that have been part of our family. Each had a very unique personality, each had a spacial place in our home, our family and our hearts. And all of those rabbits are and will be special to me, as will the memories they have left me with.
But none have left the hole in my heart that Leo left me, one year ago today. For me, time has stood still in that moment. That sunday is etched into my memory in a way that I will never forget - and perhaps it is Leo's way of staying with me. And not a single day has passed by without me thinking of Leo in that moment - be that looking at his image on my computer every day, or saying good morning each day when I pass the spot where he is in his forever sleep next to his beloved Lillian.
To this day I do not know why fate took Leo from us, when everyone fought so very hard to make him well again following massive surgery for appedicitis and a blockage. I am sure Leo fought so very hard - Leo was such a courageous little rabbit. And when he slipped away in my arms a year ago at 11:30pm, time stopped.
Even now, that moment is still something I struggle to come to terms with. The guilt I feel is a heavy burdon for me to shoulder but it is one I must live with because I cannot change what happened. The feeling of helplessness is something so painfull. Time, for me, has not been a healer and perhaps it may be that it never will be.
We found Leo in Lockdown 2 years ago. He lit up our garden with his flowing golden locks and his skills with a ball.

His zest for life was infectious and his instant love of our garden was clear to see. Leo loved the freedom of our garden and he loved exploring everything. And Leo especially loved humans - and he thrived on attention and was comfortable with us. But Leo also loved Lillian and she was the first rabbit that he was able to share his life with. And Lillian loved Leo because he was such a gentle and loving little rabbit. Leo and Lillian would often be found sunbathing in their special spot in the garden..

And at nighttime, Leo liked nothing better than the snuffle mat treat. It was his absolute favorite part of the day. he would dance around our feet looking up with an eager anticipation for the treats that would be coming via the snuffle mat.
Leo was such a gentle rabbit. He was always happy to be with Lillian and they were inseperable. When Lillian passed, Leo found a new friend with Flo and they shared an instant bond. Leo loved to show Flo round his patch - and our house and garden was very much Leo's patch. Lwo was a rabbit who loved to share his life with others.
I dearly wish that Leo was here today - to share life with us. I miss his extremely floofy feet and his big fur. Leo was small in size, but huge in soul and heart and life for me feels so much emptier without Leo here to share it with.
I wish I could turn back the clock and just hold Leo again.
I miss you so much you beautiful gentle floofy little rabbit. You had so much more life to live and I hope that you are safe and surrounded by many friends at the bridge, dear sweet gentle Leo.
Miss you always
Craig and Flo xxx

I would also like to thank everyone here on the forum who took the time to read all about Leo and follow his journey. The support you all gave me I will be forever grateful for. An I am sorry to you all that I took a break from the forum following the loss of Leo. It was not an easy time for me and still, today I struggle. It is also true to say that we would not have been able to adopt Alfred who has found himself very much at home here. He has his second chance at life with us following a very challenging start to his life. he makes me smile with his displays of happiness and his bond with Flo. And for that I am thankfull.
Oh Craig, I'm just in bits after reading this, Leo really was a very special bunny. I remember so well you getting him, bringing him home, and those first videos that you shared with us, of Leo discovering your garden :) I'm so pleased that you and Jan found it in your hearts to welcome Alfred into your home. It's been just over twelve months since I lost my beloved Treacle, so I understand your pain, as so many of us do. Big hugs Craig, give Flo and Alfred a nose rub from me xxx
A lovely tribute to a much loved bunny. He was a beautiful boy and had such a brilliant life with you. Sending lots of hugs for you all today xx
Leo was a very special bunny :love: I remember his antics & garden adventures well. Its 2 years (& 3 days) since Rudey went - I find it strange how differently I process the grief with each bunny I lose. Rudey tore me apart but I've managed much better with Joey & Mouse (they were all in the post so it wasnt that)- still can't do Mousey's tribute though on account of that beautiful face of hers. Big hugs Craig
Your passion for Leo shines from your words, your one year tribute has reduced me to tears. :cry:

Whether it is that we have all known a loss that has wrecked us on the rocks of goodbyes that we never want to say or if that loss is still pending in our lives, you have expressed it with deep clarity and emotion. Grief is a bottomless pond that I never feel I can surface from and I definitely resounded with how you said the memory of having to let Leo go is a way of always keeping him in your heart. But you do have those happy memories to balance this with and you spoke eloquently of them also. :love:

Light and dark...they have to be drawn together to exist. May the days to come help bring the light of Leo to mind more than the dark moments and farewells. xx
Ahh Leo, a very special and beautiful bunny.. I was really sad to read your post, I really felt your pain. I'm sending you big hugs xx
It breaks my heart that you feel guilty for losing Leo when we all know he was given wonderful care. IMO fate decided it was better that he passed in your loving arms than in a cold cage in the vets.
Your postings of Leo gave me lots of pleasure and seeing your video of Leo playing with his ball was a real treat. Sending hugs.