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Re: A new addition

Craig 1965

Warren Veteran
Things have been continually hectic here and in amongst the chaos, we have been trying hard to find a positive way forward for Flo. Initially Flo was very much grieving and it was very obvious with her behavior. Then in the last few weeks she began to grow increasingly closer to us and allowing us into her world. But despite the heartache and pain of losing Bertie, we knew she needed support that could only come from another bun. Our journey to find a companion led us this time to a small rescue in Norfolk who had a special rescue bun that was saved from being the next meal of a snake.
Herbie had spent 8 months in the rescue, but no one wanted to adopt him. We came along and he was matched to Flo, being of calm relaxed nature. I was not able to undertake the bonding process as I am still in a long term recovery so I sought the expert help of a local bonding rescue centre. With some military precision, we were able to get Flo and Herbie to the bonders and after a week we collected them. Last Saturday we brought Flo and Herbie back home here. They have been confined to barracks so to speak over the last week as we gradually increase their living quarters. But they are very much friends, both groom each other and there has been absolutely no arguments or shenanigans. They still have some time to go before they are bonded properly but here is a couple of photos20240705_150759.jpg (not great i grant you but ill take better ones) taken today. I will update the thread with their journey...20240704_175017.jpg
Awww if those are not great I wonder what great will be like!

So glad to see them bonding nicely.
Aw bless them, they look very content already. That's such a lovely thing for you and Jan to do, they are very lucky bunnies to be in your care xx
Herbie and Flo look very relaxed near each other. Sending vibes their bond will continue to flourish as you increase their space. Lucky bunnies!