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Possible underlying cause for dental issues?


Mama Doe
Pippin in a 3yo nethie, he’s was fine until November when he went off his food, I took him to the vets and they said he had a couple of small spurs on his back teeth.

he had a dental and was fine until the beginning of March. Same thing happened and he had another dental, then 6 weeks later (last week) he started behaving strangely exhibiting nesting behaviour (he is neutered) took him to the vets they couldn’t find anything wrong and said to give him emeprid and metacam. He got worse and was behaving like his teeth needed doings again.

so back to the vet on thursday, they said he had some tiny spurs but they where so small they couldn’t be an issue. I asked for X-rays to be done as I think there’s an underlying issue, they said they looked normal but have sent it off for a 2nd opinion to be sure.
I said the drugs didn’t seem to be doing anything so they said to add calpol too.

he’s still not eating properly, he is eating some food and pooping. Fresh dandelion seems to do the trick to get him eating again.

I feel the vet thinks I’m neurotic but there’s got to be an underlying cause,

he normally eats loads of hay, some kale and gets about 10 grain free science selective pellets each day.

he is a house rabbit.

Any suggestions what I should be asking for next?
Thanks - I’d read that earlier, it does say it tends to start at a young age, whereas Pippin was fine until he was 2.5.
It can develop later in some cases

Is he still exhibiting nesting behaviour ?

Some Rabbits are exceptionally sensitive to even tiny dental spurs, even if the spurs do not damage any soft tissue the Rabbit will still refuse to eat. Also, it’s impossible to get a 100% view of the oral cavity of a conscious Rabbit. Sometimes it’s only when the Rabbit is under GA and the appropriate cheek retractors are used that more significant problems can be seen.