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Is this an emergency... Runny poo!


Young Bun
I looked in this morning to see a group of droppings. Some all clustered together looking like grapes and a little pile of runny poo. thick like tar. Have i done something wrong? is my rabbit alright?
Is bunny eating and drinking or huddled in a corner looking like she is in pain? If bunny is fine apart from the poop, keep off veg today and see how it is later. If bun hasn't eaten or drank and looks in pain take bun to the vet.
He is 8 weeks old... does this matter? he was fine when i saw him i might pick him up just to be sure. He had eaten a lot of dried food.
is it really runny, or just a squished and dried poop like the others? Make sure he hasn't got any on him or it will attract flies - check for fly eggs, which look like grains of rice.
The clustered poos would be caecal poos - the ones bunnies are meant to eat to redigest the nutrients from it.
However, if they've eaten lots of dry mix/pellets rather than hay, they can produce excess ones which you'll see in the cage.
Try cutting down the dry feed and feeding lots of hay - it may be worth cutting out the dry stuff for a day to let his tummy 'clear out' and make sure he eats lots of hay.
Although they are supposed to have unlimited dry food when growing, it can be fed in 4 smaller 'meals' through the day, just so that they eat hay too.

Also if it's a mix then he will be picking out his favourite bits, and won't have a balanced diet as the sweeter and fattier bits will no doubt be his favs!

I recommend you buy some Science Selective from a vets or online from here http://www.ukpetsupplies.com/

Mix just a few pellets in with his regular food the first week, then a bit more the second week, and so on, until after about a month that's all he has in his dish - it clears up sticky bum problems as it's high in fibre and contains 'good' bacteria.
Just been out to inspect him. i think there is a tiny bit of poo on his bum and a tiny bit on his back legs. he was going in the same place all three times and i think this is why one seemed wet... i think it was squashed. How do i remove poo as it seemed hard because it had dried?

So i cut out the dry food for a day... will he be alright?
see my post above as we bumped :) I don't think you should cut out his dry food as he's just a baby. You could try picking out the peas and carrots and sweetcorn if it's that type of mix, and let him eat the healthier bits maybe?

I believe you can use baby wipes to clean off poo, but if it's dried on you can use cooking cornflour, used for making sauces, and massage the powder in so that the dirt slides off. Probably best not to get him wet as he will attract flies even more.
Personally as your bun is only 8 weeks old I'd get your Vet to check him over.
Newly weaned buns are at risk of nasty GI upsets.
Meantime ensure baby bun has access to LOTS of hay and water.
did you rabbit eat some soft fruit that you don't know about? W/ any rabbit 6 mth. old or less, the breeders I know recommend no green, not even spinach.
Rang vet and she said to claen his bum (done) and treat as normal as long as he is eating and drinking and seems ok. thank you for your advice! I was really worried!
Awww, I always find baby wipes easiest to use for cleaning bums!

I'd cut down the pellets and steer clear of giving your bun anything new for a while (at least until you bun is back to normal).
8 weeks tends to be the ag rabbits go to their new homes so at a guess you haven't had him long? Rabbits have very sensitive tummies so it's important to introduce new foods gradually. The place you got him from should have told you what brand of food he was on and what he was used to eating. You need to stick with this and if you want to feed something different introduce in gradually otherwise it will upset his tummy.