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Help Poorly Bunny


Mama Doe
:roll: I just cannot believe this.

This morning I left a lively bunny happily munching away, eating her breakfast and really happy with life - nothing could be further from this this evening.

I got home at 6 ish to find Cagney sitting quiety in the corner - not like her at all - tried to tempt her with her favorite food and she's having none of it. I rushed her to the Vets who has examined her tummy and he thinks its slightly distended - and he has given her a Baytril injection.
Her temperature is normal.

I've given her a small dose of prepusid also as when I came to check her trays when I returned from the Vets although she is passing a small number of good sized poo - these are not nearly in the same quantity as usual.

She's just sitting looking sorry for herself right now - can you help folks - is their anymore I should do right now! - The Vet has told me to keep an eye on her tonight and if she is no better first thing tomorrow morning to whizz her to him for xray!

Oh wow is me - just when I thought I could relax after the Tilly Run!

Very Worried!
Hi Lany, you could try some Infacol if you have any or can get any from a late night chemist?? Failing that if she will let you, try gently massaging her tummy. If she's a bit gassy this should break up the bubbles just as the infacol would, it will take a little longer though. I will send her some tummy rubs too as Im off to give Casper tummy rubs to see if he feels any better after it. You could also try a warm hot water bottle covered with a towel and see if she will lie on that, I believe that will also make her feel a little better.

Thanks Angela

I have some Infacol in but can you tell what the correct dosage should be for a bunny as I've not had to give this before?

I'll have a go at a gentle massage for her too in the hope it gives her some relief.

Thanks for you help - I've got everything crossed that she soon feels better.
Hopefully this works, if you click the following link http://homepage.mac.com/mattocks/morfz/rx/drugcalc.html and click the select drug box, then scroll down until you come to simethicone in GI STATIS section and then enter your bunnies weight in the box next to it it will tell you how much and how often to administer. Im not overly great with mg into mls etc but I think it said 1ml per kilo of bunny which I am sure I have read before. From what I have been told you can't over dose on it so it won't do any harm. Certyainly hasn't harmed any of my little one's when I have given it without being too sure of whats wrong.

Hope that helps
Oh Lany, poor you, I know how distressing this can be cos my Charlie gets it from time to time, the first time being over Christmas!!! :cry: I have had cause to give him Infacol on occasions, accompanied by tummy rubs and it usually gets him out of it but it is worrying until things sort themselves out. My vet says the main thing is that they pass poos. I've usually found that I get some squishy ones after the Infacol works through and the tummy rubs do their stuff.

Please keep us informed and you could always "page the oracle"! :wink:
Thanks Angela -
:roll: Buffy her bonded pal is snuggleing next to Cagney at the mo - its almost as though she's trying to give her some comfort - I've given her a gentle tummy massage and also some Infacol so I'll keep a watchful eye her during the next hour or so and see how she goes - bless her.

Arn't bunnies fickle though - Buffy is the one who has always gone from one Crisis to another - Cagney is always the strong and up till now such a binki bunny so its breaking my heart to see her so not herself.

Phew!!! - I'll feel better when I know she's o.k! - although I know with Bunnies - improvement can take a few days which just isn't fair on us bunny mums!
Not my Cagney. Oh I do hope she pulls through tell her auntie Tracy is sending her lots ofget well vibes and nose rubs.

Please keep us posted Lany.
Lany, I am sure they know when their partner in crime is unwell, even the most independant pair seem to become closer when one is ill. Unfortunately Casper is a single bun through his own choice, he no longer like's friend. Boo isn't being very smypathetic to Casper just now and decided just 5 mins ago to bang his readigrass dish about until I went through to fill it up again. Being a good slave I have done what was asked and he is now happily munching, such sweet hearts arent they????
Hope Cagney improves and keep us updated please?

how old is ur bunny
iv just nused a now 11 week old bunny back to health she had what we called bloat when the tummy is full of air and can pass poo
i kept her on antibiotic and just gave her any thing she could eat and had to fource feed her sometimes as she wouldnt eat. i also massarged her tummy and squeezed gently at the bum for her to poo so it would help remove the blockage. and hey presto it worked we also gave her some thing that u would find nasty but it did the trick we found some of that grape soft looking poo and mixed it with antibiotic water and siringed it in as the that is the poo they eat to help digestion to produce the pellet poo
now she is fit and healthy running around like a maniac
Morning Bunny Folk - this bunny is going to be "Welsh Rabbit on Toast" if she does this to me again -

What a night!!

I gave Cagney some Infacol and prepulsid and gentle tummy rubs until around 11 ish and warmed some towels in the Microwave and she lay on my lap on these warmed towels which seem soothing for 2 hours looking really sorry for herself - I really didn't bet on her making it through the night. I sat there with a wine glass in one hand, tissues in the other wondering what on earth I could do to help her.

At 12 ish I gave her some more Infacol and let her settle down for the night - she pottered over to her water bowl and just lay down with her head on it - poor bunny what on earth had gone wrong!

As you'd expect I had a really restless night and at 2.00 am ish - lay there and thought I need to go and see she's all right but soooo scared that I might be greeted with the worst. I knew that I would lie there and ponder the worst anyhow so I plodded downstairs to their Bunny Den and went in tentitively opening the doors - Cagney shot out from behind her feed bin in surprise and just looked at me as if to say "what do you think your doing down here at this time of night mum - scareing the daylights out of me" - She bounced over and gave my angle a nudge and I knew we had turned the Corner!

This morning - she is just like nothing had happened - poos are good, eating hay and drinking - although I've kept her diet to just some baby food and Hay first thing to help keep everything moving.

So what on earth caused this then!! - Well here's a hunch - The only sweet treat these two lovely bunns get is an occassional single raisin (meany mum!!) maybe every other day - Yesterday morning when I was diving out to work - I gave them a rasin each and must have left the plastic container on the floor by mistake ( I found the container with the lid chewed off last night behind their hay bin) - they must have managed to get the lid off and they noshed the whole lot! - Do you think this may have caused Cagney's problem as I'd guess there would have been around 30 Raisins in the bowl and if Cagney got the Lions share they may have been tooo sweet and high in sugars for her tum to cope with! - So there you go - another lesson I've learnt - despite all my efforts you can NEVER TAKE YOUR EYE OFF THE BALL (or Bunny in this Case).

So I'm hoping she will still be fine this evening - so I'll post you to confirm but I suspect she will be given her frolics this morning?

Couple of things could I ask you all though:

1. Is there anything I could have given her for pain relief or does the Infacol do that too? - I've heard folks say that you can sometimes give Baby Asprin - I don't have any Metacam at home as I've never (touch wood) needed to have it prescribed for my bunnies?
2. Although my Vets are very good - you'd think they would have advised putting Cagney on Prepusid straight away - especially as it can take 24 hours to start to work. Also they never mentioned trying Infacol - even though after examination the Vet suspected she was gassy - particularly to one side of her tummy. Are Vets not allowed to suggest things which are not licenced for use in bunnies?

Thanks sooooo much for all your kind thoughts - TRACY - THIS BUNNY IS A MINX - YOU CAN BREATH A SIGH OF RELIEF THIS BUNNS A FIGHTER and so loved. It really helped knowing you were all there to chat too for support. :thumb: REAL BIG THANKS GANG!

Aunt Adele will have a fit when she knows one of her fav girls has been poorly - especially as she only seen Cagney Sunday and she was a bundle of joy and good health -


:lol: :lol: :lol:
Phew! Lany! Thank the Lord for that! I am so pleased that she is OK now. Not sure about the raisin theory, perhaps Auntie Adele could throw more light on it??? Just glad to have this good news! :lol:
hehe cheeky bunny... Hopefully they wont eat lots of raisins again. I guess that could have been the cause.
Hope he stays well now.