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Happy Birthday September and Happy 2nd Birthday to all of her kits!


Wise Old Thumper
I can hardly believe it's almost a year :shock: but September and her kits arrived with me on 29th September 2011 and we were told that they were 10-12 days old at that point. So I can't be 100% accurate but I've decided that 18th September will be their official Birthday :D :lol:

...and as we don't know when September was born she will share the Birthday celebrations and get pressies then too :love:

So.... to Hopscotch, Frisbee, Croquet, Scooter, Jigsaw, and Yo-Yo - I will ask Auntie Jill to send messages to your forever familes to let them know of the special day ahead and hope that suitable birthday noms are delivered ;) :thumb:

RIP little Chess, so very sorry you aren't here to celebrate your special day. We still think of you often xx

Photographs of September and Paintbox's birthday party will be posted on the day or very soon afterwards!

Wouldn't it be lovely if they could receive an offer of a forever home by then. What a wonderful gift that would be :love:

Pics from day one...



A very worried looking 'tember :(

..and a few days later :love:



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How absolutely sweet,

I was trying to count them, but can't tell where lone bunny ends and another begins :lol::lol:
Aww bless them, also you got them on the same day as my birthday :lol:

It was clearly meant to be that I got Scooter and Jigsaw
How fast did that year go?!! I love looking at their baby photos.....one gigantic ball of fluff :love::love: What can September and Boxy expect for a birthday pressie? Extra noms? Free range in the garden all day?

Will be thinking of you little Chess on the 18th. You were a beautiful little bunny:love::love:
:shock: what's wrong? :(

Take a look at the Health section, basically he stopped eating so we went to the vets earlier, I've seen him eat since I just need to make sure he eats his hay otherwise I'm stuck in a situation which I don't have any experience of
I hope there will be lots of photos! :love:

Spenser says he hopes Paintbox will have her feetsies nice and clean for the party. ;)

I have relayed Spensers message. You should have seen the face!!! :shock::lol::lol:

We will be having a special bunny tea party later this afternoon and photo's/videos will be uploaded asap afterwards :D:D

'tember came up when I was looking for single bunnies for Mini but then saw she needed to be rehomed as a pair, unfortunately don't have the space for a pair. :(

'tember came up when I was looking for single bunnies for Mini but then saw she needed to be rehomed as a pair, unfortunately don't have the space for a pair. :(

Awww, what a wonderful life they would have with you too :love: but yes they need to stay together :D