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Goodbye Dusty.


Wise Old Thumper
Dusty was a beautiful grey rabbit. Part nethie and part rex we reakon. She came to me from Honeybunnies rescue.

She was soft and sweet and such a character. She was the only one of my rabbits that allowed me to stroke her. Oh the softness. She enjoyed nose rubs most of all.

I will miss her hopping up to me as I open the shed door (meshed but with shutters ready for winter). I will miss her grabbing veg out of my hand and running off with it. I will miss her beauty, her boldness and her velvety grey softness.

Bye bye darling Dusty xxx
Oh I'm so sorry, that Dusty has died :cry: I remember when you got her. Sleep tight Dusty, beautiful girl :love:
Thank you both for responding. She was special. It wasnt so long ago that she came to me. Bless her.
Really sorry to hear that you have lost Dusty, she sounded a lovely little character. Sweet dreams little bunny xx
Oh I'm so sorry for your loss :'( sending so many hugs xx

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So sorry, Tulsi. Do you have a lone bun now and, if so, how are they coping?

Have noticed you have moved. Hope you have settled in OK xxx
Thank you so much everyone. She was very special.

Keletkezes, aww yes you brought her to me, special delivery. I was so greatful for that. She was indeed very lovely.

Rhianna, I have moved and am settling in really well thank you x Dusty was a lone rabbit for the last few months of her life. I tried bonding Daisy to her and Snowflake and because Daisy and Snowflake had lived together in the past they decided to be all loved up and to push out Dusty ... She lived next to Loganberry and Moondust so could still see and hear other rabbits.