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Cadbury (injured leg)


Warren Scout
For those who don't know, my rabbit Cadbury damaged his leg on a Ferplast cage in June.

Happily he didn't loose it, but this accident has totally changed the poor bunny.

He has a slight limp and you can tell there is something wrong with him.

He was a very out going bunny who used to binkie around the garden and be very naughty, now when he is in the garden with his mum and brother he sits down most of the time :cry:

It also seems to have distanced him from his mum (Bunny) and brother (Twinkle) he seems isolated.

A warning to you all, if you have a Ferplast cage in a shed please don;t make the mistake I did, OVER OVER THE TOP! Cadbury was injured by jumping on the top and hung by one leg all night till I found him the next day.

Thanks for listening :)
Oh Heather - how awful!! My heart is aching for you and poor Cadbury. I hope he will eventually get back to his cheeky self.
Poor Cadbury :(

I worry about this with my Thistle living in the shed. I know he has been up on top of the guinea cages a few times. I have to position everything so he can't get up there any more, he can't jump up two cage heights without a first step. But it makes it hard to know where to position the guinea's hidey holes. For the past couple of weeks he seems to be satisfied with climbing on the bale of hay and feasting while he looks out the window, which is good.

I hope your poor bun makes a good recovery.
How about using cable ties to attach some perspex or other boarding to the top of the cage, that ways he's safe and can use it as a look out post :)

Hugs for Cadbury :)

Tamsin said:
How about using cable ties to attach some perspex or other boarding to the top of the cage, that ways he's safe and can use it as a look out post :)

Hugs for Cadbury :)


There is already a board along the back half of the cages, but it gets too dark for the piggies, and too difficult to access the cages if it completely covers them. Perspex is a good idea though.
Good idea Tamsin,

I put a piece of board on top, Cadbury still jumps on top dispite his accident, however this time he can't get injured.
ooooh poor Cadbury, is there anyway you can bring him in to live indoors? Maybe he'd be a happier more confident bunny if you could? Or maybe he could have a girlfriend instead if you can't have him indoors? Maybe even if you bring him inside for a few hours in the evening it might help?
Hope is feeling happier soon.

I just want to tell you I know EXACTLY how you feel! My rabbit Smudge (ATB) got his leg caught in the door to his ferplast cage. He had to have it amputated. After being told there are never reports of bad things happening in their cages and basically it was all my fault I had enough. This happened 4 years ago now :( I hope you called trading standards. Ferplast aren't interested.
Hi Lori

Yes, I realised that ferplast wasn't interested as the didn't even read my letter properly. I wrote the whole story down and for some reason the woman had it in her head that he damaged it on the door (was the top).