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Bonding has begun. Six rabbits. Pics page 2 post 19 - update; now a quad. More pics!

So fluffy! :love: :love:

Don't feel sorry for Mottle and Peaches, you gave it a go, and they clearly hated it. They are obviously much better suited as a pair. :) Can we have some piccies of them? :D

Not got many good ones of the lovely M and P but here are some fuzzy ones from when they were in my bedroom (Mottles had been to the vet and had his spurs filed down).


- just love Peaches' front legs in this one x
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Just found a couple more of Mottle and Peaches pics in the bedroom

Mottle all relaxed x

They were all chilled out most of the day like this xxx
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Just been reading through this old bonding thread of mine. Dear old Snowflake is the only one left of the quad now. I also have two younger rabbits, Loganberry and his doe, Moondust. They live in the shed next to Snowflake.

Snowflake is 11!!!