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Barrie and Chibbs update


Wise Old Thumper
Barrie is pootling along fine. He's not lost any further weight, he seems to be coping really well with life.

He gets oats in baby food every morning, in a ball (like those fancy protein balls, or a truffle ;P), and he scoffs that down. He likes the mixed fruit&veg baby food best. Chibbs sometimes tries to get hold of it but she knows she won't if one of us is around. She gets 'crisps' (dried apple leaves in a paper bag) instead.

Chibbs' eye issue has fixed itself over winter: I haven't seen any discharge since January. We're keeping an eye on it but nothing untoward is happening yet.

We need to get them a new run, but Matt suggests we wait until this one disintegrates and then reseed the lawn while we're waiting for the new one. They can cope with just the run on the concrete and an extra extension and we can let them out into the concrete bit for six weeks or so! If they're still with us by that point, of course :)
Good news on Chibb's eye not having discharge since January, and Barre's weight being stable thanks to his baby food treat.
Sending them lots of stay well vibes.
I was just wondering yesterday how Barrie was doing when I saw your name somewhere on the forum, so I'm happy to read your update and hear that Barrie's doing well and enjoying his fancy baby food balls. :love: That's really great that Chibbs' eye issue has fixed itself, too, yay.
Awww what a nice update. Pleased to hear Chibb's eye weeping resolved. I love that she gets a bag of apple crisps while barrie gets his protein ball ❤️