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  1. Alibunmum

    Boarding - central Scotland

    Thanks for the recommendation Fee, always loved having your guys! Unfortunately my nerve pain isn't playing the game right now but if it settles I'll let you all know. The other issue is we tend to be away in the school holidays, when most people need me.
  2. Alibunmum

    Hay supplier - Lanarkshire

    I use Russells of Larbert, we are in Gartcosh and it takes about 20mins. They do a full bale for 5.50 as well as megazorb, readigrass and other feeds. They are really helpful and lift everything out to the car. http://www.russells-countrystore.co.uk/
  3. Alibunmum

    Hollie has an Abscess, Good update P61

    Poor girlie, I hope all the treatment starts working soon and you get to enjoy your birthday.
  4. Alibunmum


    Thanks Jill, I was so lucky to get them. Thankfully Rum is eating and since I reduced the space in the shed I find her snuggled in with the other 2 so seems to be fine. I will keep a close eye on them to make sure they've got her under their wing as they get all their space back.
  5. Alibunmum

    Hollie has an Abscess, Good update P61

    Oh no, poor wee bun. Hope the abx do the trick xx
  6. Alibunmum

    Raisin's gone

    Thanks everyone, your support is much appreciated. I am worried about Rum. She knows he is gone and is just hiding in a big pile of hay ignoring the other two. Thank goodness the worst of the cold nights are passed because she needs someone to snuggle. I have blocked off some areas of the...
  7. Alibunmum


    Thank you so much everyone, he was just such a wee dude. The shed seems so quiet without him.
  8. Alibunmum

    Raisin's gone

    Thanks all, I know I haven't been around a lot lately but so many folk knew him that I had to share with folk who understand.
  9. Alibunmum

    Raisin's gone

    I can't believe Rum and Raisin are no more. I found him asleep this morning. I have started a Rainbow Bridge thread here http://forums.rabbitrehome.org.uk/showthread.php?442685-Raisin I took him to the vet for a look over but not a PM. His teeth were fine and he had lost some weight but all...
  10. Alibunmum


    Rum and Raisin, a sibling pair of minilops, came to me from down south 3 years ago thanks to an epic bunny run and Jill from Honeybunnies. They easily bonded with Floppy and Millie and the four of them were a fab quad. Raisin was a cheeky wee fellow who would box at us if he didn't want...
  11. Alibunmum

    Best vacuum cleaners to handle bunny rooms?

    My miele pull along coped brilliantly when the buns were inside. You go through a lot of bags but it sucks up anything in its path, including socks and Lego.
  12. Alibunmum

    Willows new.husbuns.. Bonding underway

    Brill news. Cannot wait to get my paws on them!
  13. Alibunmum

    Apprehension with rescue rabbits?

    Fee, you have had an awful run losing so many in such quick succession plus the failed bond. I am so thrilled you are not giving up completely though. I think you have just been extraordinarily unlucky.
  14. Alibunmum

    Heartwarming news about some wonderful bunny owners.

    Love you too Fee!!!!
  15. Alibunmum

    Lord Herbert

    He is looking great Jane! Does he get to stay in the bed at night as well? He looks like he would be quite happy to snuggle in and be a hot water bottle!
  16. Alibunmum

    Rodney~ 21st November 2014

    I am so sorry to read this thread Jane. Binky free gorgeous boy xxx
  17. Alibunmum

    My Rabbits- U/D 24th November

    I am really sad to hear about Rodney, he was a great bunny and it is another sad loss for you to cope with. I hope the rest at least remain stable.
  18. Alibunmum

    Heat pod time??

    I don't yet. There is a long way to go till April and I'd rather they didn't rely on them too early. I wait till water is freezing. Horrible mum that I am but mine tend to move away from them anyway! It's different for very old or ill buns but mine are all bouncing buns!
  19. Alibunmum

    What Has She Done to my Pot ??

    You're a naughty lady, that poor bunny needs his pot back!
  20. Alibunmum

    Lord H and.....................

    He's so settled there. He is looking great!