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  1. Hele

    Is this plantain - a couple of photos

    Yep, I agree!
  2. Hele

    National Dog Day ... Post yours!

    Lilley dog with her new biggest fan!
  3. Hele

    Dogs dogs dogs

    My little Lilley :love:
  4. Hele

    new Dwalf Lop! why are her ears not lopped?

    This thread is from 2008!
  5. Hele

    Continental Giants

    They need a LOT of space. The contis I have met have all been fairly confident, friendly and very very food oriented. A couple of them also reminded me a bit of bulldozers, why go round something when you can go through it? Also naughtiness to match their size, we had to buy the biggest ceramic...
  6. Hele

    Can Rabbits and Guinea Pigs be housed together?

    B. There are too many risks with them mixing; different dietary requirements, different appropriate housing, infection risks... the list goes on. It was considered the norm not too long ago though so there are lots of people who won't listen because they always kept them together and they were...
  7. Hele

    When can you move indoor rabbits outdoors??

    Agree with cpayne but just to add that it is the overnight temperatures that are most likely to vary the most.
  8. Hele

    Tiddly boy

    Compete guess really as I'm better with feline kittens but I'd say 4 ish weeks. It has been a long time since I have been around such young baby bunnies. Soooo teeny and cute :love:
  9. Hele

    Available Rescue: 50 rats - males and females - range of ages - SURREY

    50!!! :shock: They are adorable, I'm not in a position to take on more pets but I hope they get new homes soon.
  10. Hele

    Boots has gone

    No! I am so very, very sorry :cry: what a horrible shock. Binky free beautiful Boots xxx
  11. Hele

    *URGENT* Rabbit savvy vets in Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire

    I use wildbore and am very happy with them.
  12. Hele

    fudge the moody teretorryal rabbit

    How big is her cage?
  13. Hele

    First proper night together

    Hope they had a good night! :love:
  14. Hele

    What to do re. temperature change when outdoor bun inside for recovery?

    Personally I'd keep him in but in as cool a room as possible. Have you got anywhere you can pop him where you can turn the radiator off and open the window without freezing yourself? Hope he perks up soon.
  15. Hele

    We need to change our hay...

    Well that's not good! :shock: Hayforpets is good, they do a Timothy and rye hay or a INGs hay which is the one I normally buy. They have changed their name recently though and I can't remember what to, if you google hayforpets it will link you though!
  16. Hele

    Rabbit lovers

    The only way is to earn her trust. Be calm and quiet, don't force yourself at her unless it is for health reasons. Just sit with her, talk quietly to her, don't grab her. Most rabbits don't like to be picked up as they are prey animals so being grabbed from above scares them. Earning a...
  17. Hele

    Collecting my New Puppy

    Aww bless :love: My hair would do that naturally if I let it.... I don't do fringes for some strange reason :lol:
  18. Hele

    Hoppy Holidays MAY re-open again!!! UPDATE 10.1.17

    That sounds awesome! I hope it works out for you. I was thinking that I'd use you as we are moving a bit closer soon.... Isle of sky is possibly a bit far from glos though :lol:
  19. Hele

    Could one of my rabbits have killed the other?

    Rabbits can and do kill each other. But not normally in happily bonded pairs and as already said not by attacking the head, normally in a bunny fight they aim for the genitals and bowel and sometimes the throat. I would say your other bunny is blameless. Could a predator have got a paw through...
  20. Hele

    Rabbit Miscarriage???

    I think that looks more like bloody mucus rather than foetuses but that is just a laypersons opinions. I would want vet advice with that I think.