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  1. olices

    Snowflake will be 12 in november.

    Aww, beautiful 😍
  2. olices

    Is it Just me……

    I've nearly done that a few times, I think it's maybe because fb like button is on the left and that's what I'm used to 🤷‍♀️
  3. olices

    Bertie has just passed - 24th may 2024

    Sorry to hear of your loss Craig, RIP Bertie ❤️
  4. olices

    Happy 13th Birthday, Sophie!

    Aww, a bit late but Happy Birthday Sophie! What an amazing age 😍
  5. olices

    Raven is gone March 20 24, Apr 15 24 tribute post 27

    So sorry, sending hugs. RIP Raven 😪
  6. olices

    Millie: Lump of fur on her back / Arthritis treatment

    Poor Milie, I hope its nothing serious and just a cyst
  7. olices

    Benji is coming to his end

    So sorry to hear about Benji. I've lost both our 12 year old buns in the last few months and both had arthritis in their back legs. Definitely ask the vet for advice, we had a couple of pain relief options towards the end with doses we could increase as needed which really helped. Thinking of...
  8. olices

    Something is going wrong

    Sending vibes for Cookie and you get to the bottom of what's going on with him x
  9. olices

    John-Joe - U/D 22nd June 2024

    All sounds positive, hopefully it will continue Jane x
  10. olices

    John-Joe - U/D 22nd June 2024

    Sending thoughts and vibes your way, you're doing a great job Jane they're lucky to have you ❤️
  11. olices

    RIP Harry

    Tonight we said goodbye to our remaing cheeky black and white bunny Harry. He's gone to join his lifelong partner Daisy in bunny heaven. I sat with him as he went 😢 He was nearly 13 bless him, gosh our house feels so empty and quiet. Sleep tight Harry xx
  12. olices

    John-Joe - U/D 22nd June 2024

    Sending vibes, come on JJ! 😍
  13. olices

    Morse HATES the Rain….

    Oh dear Morse! He's so gorgeous isn't he 😍
  14. olices

    Only one thing to do with a wet pussy

    Well, you certainly caught my attention with that thread headline! Very beautiful cat, looks nice and cosy ! 😊
  15. olices

    What litter/bedding is everyone using nowadays for litter trays?

    Gosh, carefresh not carefree! Don't worry I definitely don't use carefree as bedding! Hopefully you ladies out there will get this!!
  16. olices


    So sorry you've lost him, RIP Peter x
  17. olices

    What litter/bedding is everyone using nowadays for litter trays?

    Megazorb, but the place that produces it has had a problem with some kind of machinery (I think) so.struggling to get it. I'm hoping to.get some next week, it's only produced down the road from.us! I bought some carefree, it's good but expensive!
  18. olices

    Tigger and Norton 10.01.2012 - 17/20.01.2024

    So sorry for your loss x
  19. olices

    Jack’s-Jane Never Existed 😳

    I'm sure everyone will agree, despite the apostrophes problems, Jacks Jane will never be forgotten! Even if you don't actually 'exist' and you can't find yourself.......if that makes any sense at all 🤣
  20. olices

    John-Joe - U/D 22nd June 2024

    Poor JJ, sending vibes your way x