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    Heidi is with the angels June 24 2024

    Aw I am so sorry for your loss. Sweet dreams Heidi xx
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    John-Joe - U/D 22nd June 2024

    Sending JJ lots of vibes and hope his gut will be better soon. xx
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    Lillabelle getting spayed

    That is wonderful they are eating more hay. Well done!
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    Rabbits Fighting after rehoming and new hutch

    Check the bedroom area for babies as you will need to separate them immediately if there are any. It sounds as if you will need to re-bond them but check gender first and have them spayed.
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    New Adopted Pair - Dominant over my space?

    It might be wise to decrease their space so they can get into a habit of going in one place. Have they got a nice big litter tray with Hay in it? This hopefully should encourage them to use it.
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    Abcess or possible tumour - UPDATE

    Oh dear! I am sorry to hear it is back. I hope a new course of abx will help. Sending lots of vibes.
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    How to get my rabbit to eat

    He's in a new environment away from Mum and his siblings. He is probably scared so be patient and as long as he eats the Rabbit Royale he will start to nibble the hay and then in time you can slowly change him over to pellets. No veg yet unless you know he was eating it when he was with...
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    What causes Ecuniculi?

    I doubt the babies died from EC and I am very sorry you lost them. Does the Buck still live in the group and is he neutered? Were the babies still with their Mother? Just trying to find the reason why they died.
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    Bunnies' Spays

    Both girls are doing well, eating more and p & p ing.
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    Bunnies' Spays

    Thanks bunny momma x
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    Bunnies' Spays

    I think it's me that needs the energy but thank you anyway KCG. Thanks everyone - the girls have made it through the night. Candy has done lots of toilet but Missy not too much yet and neither are very hungry. I went down the lane to pick some grass for them and I found a Milk...
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    Bunnies' Spays

    Had 2 Bunnies spayed today so have had a rather worrying day but both have come back and are recovering. Any spare vibes would be welcome and thank you for the vibes you posted on Twisted Tigger's thread.
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    Thank you Jane xx
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    Lillabelle getting spayed

    I am glad to hear L is recovering well and I think it is normal for the wound to look red at this stage. It will lessen as each day goes by. Keep an eye on it though. You can only do so much in order to get the weight off a Rabbit as obviously you still have to feed them. I know it...
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    I've taken in a 3yr old Bunny who has a rather large dewlap. I am assuming this problem comes from over-feeding? Will she ever lose it? I know you can have them surgically removed but I am not going down that road. The other worry is will there be problems when she is spayed? She...
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    Is this ramp too steep?!

    Smaller Rabbits tend to be more agile than bigger ones. Hope they like their new shed.
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    Lillabelle getting spayed

    Hope all goes well today for Lillabelle. Mine is next Wednesday. Stupid me got the dates wrong!
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    Lillabelle getting spayed

    I am having a girl spayed today so know exactly how you feel. It never gets easier!
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    Toxic plant, or ok?

    You are wise to try to find out about this plant. I personally would not feed it to my Rabbits. If in doubt leave it out!
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    GI stasis symptoms not going away

    What quantity of pellets do you normally give her? Will she eat grass, Dandelions etc? Do you give her any treats?