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    Latte the house bun

    This is my 14 week old house bun and his pen Latte. We also let him out whenever we sre home but this is when we aren't home and sleeping. We have reserved and are picking up Mocha on Monday who will be his wifebun. Both will be able to be neutered end of March so I want to neuter then together...
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    Bonding Question

    Thank you for all the information :) I am waiting for my vets to open tomorrow to discuss vaccinations and will discuss his neutering when he is vaccinated :)
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    Bonding Question

    I have just gotten a little 10 week old male bun, wondering how to grt him a little friend? When is the best time? And how will I start the bonding process. Can I get another bun and set them side by side to smell each other? Sorry for all the questions haha 😊
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    Hello New bun mom

    Hi I have just gotten a male rabbit called Latte 😊 he is being kept as a house rabbit. Now I see even as a house rabbit he will be better with his own friend rather than just us as company? 😊