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    Bearphar Nature V Science Selective Grain Free

    I'm wanting to move my bunnies from an alfalfa based pellet to a timothy hay based one. My two options are Science Selective Grain free and Bearphar Nature Rabbit. I'm swaying towards the Bearphar because of the ingredients but I'd be interested to hear if nay of you have moved to an...
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    Very Hormonal

    Update on Joseph. He was checked at the vet on 7th March. Physically he is A1 and bloods were taken. He came back here. Straight out of the carrier he was very quiet for a while, not even bothering Misty then within about 10 minutes it was business as usual. Following lots of discussion...
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    Very Hormonal

    She does have places to go and hide but he finds a way of getting in and chasing her out.
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    Very Hormonal

    No, it’s neutral.
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    Very Hormonal

    Misty lost her bonded partner last December and, after much deliberation, I decided to find her a new one. On 13th January I introduced her to Joseph. He is a rescue bunny who is around 6, neutered in January 2015 and fell out with his brother. That is all I know. I put hem in my...
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    Hair Cutting

    I have recently bonded Misty with a male who belonged to a friend. I have never had a bunny with long hair before. What is the best way to deal with his long fur? I am trying to keep the fur around his eyes short but am wondering whether I should trim his body fur right down - especially as...
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    Farm Hay in Northumberland/Tyneside

    Hi, I am trying to locate a seller of bales of hay that I can give to my bunnies in Northumberland or Tyneside. Anyone have any recommendations please?
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    Litter Training Help

    I had two Netherland Dwarfs, Smudge and Daisy who lived together for 10 years until sadly last August Smudge died. They had lived in a two up two down hutch using the dark side upstairs as their toileting area. Following the loss of Smudge, I rescued Benny, now called Merslin, and together...
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    Easibed Alternative

    I know this is a bit of a daft question but how long would you say a large bale lasted you? I went through two 20kg bags of Easibed inabout two months. It doesn't appear to look absorbent compared to chippings. I clean my buns out every four days. Our hamster has fitch paper bedding and...
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    Open at night

    I always lock mine in at night. Their run is safe and secure but is adjacent to their hutch and can be moved away by humans in an instant. Do any of you with this same set up leave the access open and, if so, do you not worry about someone being able to lift the run up and away from the hutch?
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    Easibed Alternative

    So I have very particular bunnies when it comes to what is in the bottom of the dark side of their hutch (where they pee, poo and graze on hay). The rest of their hutch has fleece dog bedding on the floors. I generally use Easibed but then changed to Snowflake as trying to get Easibed was...
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    Corrugated Plastic on Run Roof

    I recently bought a brand new bespole hutch for my bunnies. It slopes gently downwards away from the hutch and has a half opening lid. How can I fix plastic to the roof so that 1. It is capable of staying put in strong westerly winds? 2. I can access the inside of the run via the top...
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    Protecting Bunny Sheds From The Elements

    Thanks for your replies. I suppose I should have been a little bit more specific. It was mainly with regards to the mesh windows. I have had some clear plastic fitted onto wooden frames that will slot over the mesh but I was wondering if anyone has any kind of tarp fitted onto their sheds...
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    Protecting Bunny Sheds From The Elements

    For those of you with bunny sheds/playhouses and the like, how do you protect them when ite weather turns bad as on my current hutch there is an overhang and I have carpet/shower curtain on the top which also hangs over but that's not really going to be possible on my new bunny playhouse. Any...
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    Staywell Cat Flap

    That's a good idea, never thought of that. Do you have it hooked up on the inside or the outside? I am thinking the outside might be a better option.
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    Staywell Cat Flap

    I am almost finished having a 5' x 5' playhouse done out for my bunnies and have recently had a Staywell cat flap fitted. I am considering putting some sort of tunnel in the cat flap so that through the day it keeps access continually open to the run that will be attached but so that it can be...
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    Garden Windchimes

    Well I thought a windchime might help deter cats from our garden.
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    Garden Windchimes

    Are they a problem to outdoor bunnies? I have two outdoor bunnies and fancy getting a windchime for our garden but want to know if they affect or are a problem to rabbits in any way, shape or form. Apologies if this has been posted in the wrong place, pehaps Rabbit Chat might have been more...
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    Suggestions for solid 6x2 triple hutches please

    Possibly http://www.boylespethousing.co.uk/?
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    XL run recommendations please

    Can you give me more details please. I am currently looking for a new run. Hubby has offered to build one but after totting up the cost it wouldn't be that much more for a one made for me and it would save him his time. I've seen a rather smart one on the Happy Hutch Company...