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    Older Rescue Peeing Problem... Getting worse!

    Hi, I've posted about both of my rabbits before - long story short we were trying to bond them but as our first rabbit is a neutered 2 year old and our second rabbit an unswayed 5/6 year old (and ex breeder), the pairing didn't last very long. They are now both happily separated and living...
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    Bonding Rescue Rabbits Gone Wrong?

    Hello! Thanks for your replies - I immediately separated them as after I posted this thread both started to squabble and we had had enough! Since separating, both are back to their normal lovely selves - I think this will be a 2x single bun household from now on. We were told that she is...
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    Bonding Rescue Rabbits Gone Wrong?

    Hello Everyone! I am new to the forum, but after doing my own research (and some questionable advice from various pet shops) I figured why not ask those who will probably know the most - you all!! Also, apologies if this is a bit of a long post, but I want to give as much info as I can to...