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    Our Lovely Lily has gone to the Bridge

    Sorry to hear of your loss...thinking of you :cry:
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    2 days to snip!

    Hi, first thing is try not to worry yourself too much, easier said than done I know :) I had both my boys neutered last month and I found that other than being a little sleepy after the surgery, my buns went off their Excel for two days. I just made sure that they were regularly offered some of...
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    My precious Kim has gone to heaven

    Warmest condolences on the loss of your little friend :(
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    pet safe wood preserver?

    I've done exactly the same with my hutches. I bought a small tin of stuff (can't remember the exact name) from B&Q, and found it does the job quite well.
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    How do you guys do it?

    I agree with Thumps about the Megazorb being the best value for money. You get a huge bag for such a small price, unlike the Carefresh costing £2.99 for a tiny amount. Megazorb costs me £4.50 a bag and it lasts ages.
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    Meet Captain Boscov Horatio Moonmonkey!

    I just want to kiss those sweet ears of his! they look so soft and fluffy :) It sounds to me that Boscov is now a contented and happy bunny, showing his affection towards you both, is not the behaviour of an aggressive bunny :roll: He's probably more relaxed now he's living in luxury and not...
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    sorry, I'm being paranoid...... again

    luvabun, every good mum knows when her bun is not quite right, and you are obviously a good mum! :) It's like having kids, you can always tell when somethings wrong. Go with your gut feelings on this one, if you are not happy in any way come tomorrow, then pop him along to see the vet. I hope...
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    Boscov has been rescued!

    Congrats on your new (long awaited) addition! :D He sounds wonderful! :love:
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    Neutered yesterday,,,,,Still no poos.....Help!!!!!

    Hello, I had my two males neutered on monday and they ate very little to begin with. Infact they didn't start eating their pellets until late last night (wednesday). All they seemed to want to eat was hay, which is a good thing, but I have managed to tempt them to eat a few small cabbage and...
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    Neutered Males

    Thanks for the help Maaike_Butter :) It's always nice to know there's a person or two on the forum who knows more about the medical side of keeping buns, than us ordinary folk. At least you have confirmed pretty much what I was thinking regarding the hormones and stuff - roll on six weeks time...
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    Neutered Males

    As some of you may know, I had my two bunny boys neutered on monday. I meant to ask the nurse a couple of questions but somehow forgot :oops: so, I was wondering whether somebody here would be able to answer them? Firstly, how long are they supposed to be bedded on shredded paper/vet bed or...
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    Worried about Hobo

    So sorry to hear of your recent loss of both Hobo and Basil. Losing one pet is bad enough, but two within days of one another must be absolutely awful :(
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    Pictures at last...........i hope this works!!!

    Hiya! Poor Billie, fancy your boyfriend thinking she looks like a goat?! :shock: I can't see the resemblance either Bino! Maybe you should buy him that book called "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" for christmas, I bet it's got some pictures of goats in it lol :lol: ;) Whatever anyone thinks, I...
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    Hello and welcome to the forum :wave:
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    An end to the dominance battle??

    Hi there, whilst I have absolutely no experience (as yet) of bonding bunnies together, I have read that peeps just place the two buns together in a box or carrier, and set off on a nice half hour or so ride. You could even park up in a secluded spot and let them kiss and cuddle on the back seat...
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    I Have A Problem. (Updated)

    Well thankfully they managed to fit the boys ops in this morning :) Everything went ok and I was able to pick them up from the vets at 4pm, although I couldn't actually collect them till 6pm due to other commitments. They seem quite happy together in my kitchen, and it was nice to see them...
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    I Have A Problem. (Updated)

    Well this morning I rang my vets to see if they could squeeze Benny and Timmy in, to be neutered today. They said they had quite a few ops booked up, but would do it if they have time, if not they will keep them in over night and do it first thing tomorrow. I have to ring at 1pm to see whether...
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    Congratulations touie :D I hope all goes well with the bonding sessions once you start.
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    I Have A Problem. (Updated)

    Ahhh now that's music to my ears! :) Thanks for the reassurance, I will be on the phone first thing in the morning before I take the kids to school. I'll be glad when everything is back to normal, I've been driving my OH nuts with my constant worrying lol.
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    Bunny Fever!

    Awww bless, she's lovely WonderBunn! Congratulations on your lovely teeny weeny addition :)