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    Sssshhhhh :love:
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    I know - she loves them! Makes a change from her sitting on my kneeler!😂
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    Oh no - much too posh for picnics! 😂
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    And the living is easy …
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    Ryegrass Hay

    Omi I love the names of your rabbits! 😍
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    Happy 11th Birthday Boobly Bear

    Happy Birthday and Gotcha Day beautiful Boo. ❤️ I'm sure you'll forgive me for being a day late!😂 x
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    Floof 01 May 2017 - 25 May 2024

    You've done nothing wrong! ❤️ Sometimes after a little while people feel they would like to write a tribute to their beloved pet, sort of honouring them, with tales of their exploits, perhaps photos. I haven't explained that very well at all I'm afraid but I hope you understand what I mean.
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    Floof 01 May 2017 - 25 May 2024

    I’m so sorry to read that you’ve lost your Floof. What a very handsome boy. Yes, he would have known that you were holding him, caring for him and comforting him, which will have eased his passing. He will always be close to you, in your heart. He knew very well how loved he was, and will...
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    Bertie has just passed - 24th may 2024

    Oh Craig I'm so sorry. Sweet dreams beautiful Bertie. We are all going to miss reading about you and seeing your photos. A much loved member of the forum. ❤️ :cry:
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    Bunnies' Spays

    Sending lots of recovery vibes for your two bunnies.
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    Beloved Rabbits Rescue (Scotland) Need Volunteers, Various Roles 😀

    Me too! I wouldn't be able to help with hands on, but could certainly do some admin.
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    Morse’s Brother Barnaby

    Another face to make me smile! ❤️
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    Snuggly Bun

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    Lilac is 10!!

    All good then!
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    Lilac is 10!!

    Happy birthday Lilac! So pleased to hear that you are boss of the house - keep up the good work! :love:
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    Please help! I need to find a good rescue centre to re-home a stray

    Yes, I hope so! They are not far from me but I haven't visited.
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    Could Sophie get some vibes? Another dental

    Good for you, Sophie. Keep up the hay eating! ❤️
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    Neutered rabbit humping constantly

    Not very helpful of the vet. How long has this been happening?
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    Trying to find Dexter a new home

    I'm so sorry you find yourself in this position. I really do know how it feels to give up a beloved pet or pets due to illness. The missing never goes away. I hope you manage to find Dexter a loving new home. He sounds a delight!
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    Please help! I need to find a good rescue centre to re-home a stray

    There is Furlock Holmes, based in Whitchurch, Hampshire. It may be worth trying them perhaps. Such a shame for this little rabbit - very lucky that you were kind enough to rescue. https://www.furlockholmes.co.uk/