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  1. nap91

    Bertie has just passed - 24th may 2024

    Oh Craig :( I'm so sorry to read this sad update. What a fantastic home he had with you all. Thinking of you all x
  2. nap91

    Vibes for Boobly Bear please

    Glad she's ok. Bet you can't wait to pick her up ❤️
  3. nap91

    Vibes for Boobly Bear please

    Oh no poor Boo :( hope all goes well at the vets
  4. nap91

    Noel Fitzpatrick and Rabbits :-)

    What a wonderful man he is ❤️
  5. nap91

    the 2023 RU Rabbit Directory ....aka show us your bunnies

    This may be a complete coincidence but my friend and I adopted brothers from SCRR in 2017 as well, and they were part of a big rescue. I wonder if it's the same litter! Smudge sadly passed away in 2018 but his brother who my friend adopted is still going strong! Here was Smudge
  6. nap91

    the 2023 RU Rabbit Directory ....aka show us your bunnies

    First up we have our gorgeous, cheeky boy Phillip. He's 6 years old and was rescued from awful conditions when he was a very young rabbit. He's since been diagnosed with a myriad of health conditions; arthritis, an enlarged heart and ingrown teeth roots, but most days you'd never know. He has...
  7. nap91

    Rabbit mouths: a thread

    You're brave :ROFLMAO: if I touched Phillip's mouth I'd get my fingers nibbled haha
  8. nap91

    Rabbit mouths: a thread

    What an adorable name for an adorable bunny :love:
  9. nap91

    Clementine isn't eating

    Hoping she perks up soon xx
  10. nap91

    Atticus 2/3/17-29/10/23

    So sorry to read this, Graciee :( nobody could've done more for Atticus than you did. Sending love xx
  11. nap91

    Nose bumps

    I love a rabbit nose bump :love: Phillip is a serious nose bumper, it's a regular occurrence from him. The girls not so much, but occasionally I'll be opening the curtains in their room or something and I'll get a boisterous nose bump to the ankle from Whitney :love:
  12. nap91

    Weird things that annoy your bunnies

    Phillip really hates the sound of me brushing my hair :lol: and this one surprised me, I was sterilising some ball pit balls that I'd gotten off marketplace a couple of months ago, then putting them back into the ball pit and Phillip was fuming about it!
  13. nap91

    Aoife- 17th September 2023

    I’m so sorry to read this :cry: What a wonderful life she had with you xx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. nap91

    Weepy Eye - What do savvy vets typically do?

    We are going through similar at the moment, one of my rabbits has had a weepy eye for the past few weeks. The first vet we saw a couple of weeks ago, who wasn't rabbit savvy at all, checked her spurs and said they were small but wouldn't be causing an issue (which from my experience even small...
  15. nap91

    Feeding time at the zoo

    [emoji38][emoji38][emoji38] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. nap91

    Feeding time at the zoo

    I can imagine haha, it’s been ok at the moment as most veg he’s been able to eat but when we start on non-rabbit friendly foods I’m going to have to be really careful :lol: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. nap91

    Feeding time at the zoo

    It’s not taken Phillip long to realise that when the high chair comes out, it won’t be long before food is flung on the floor [emoji1] He particularly enjoys the cucumber strips he’s been able to collect [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. nap91

    Dinner has arrived!

    Oh wow they are massive!
  19. nap91

    Describe your bunny in 5 words

    This made me laugh because we had a similar situation so I can picture exactly what your experience was like! :lol: Britney's always been a table jumper but one time, she jumped so high she landed on the vet's head. The vet, who unfortunately happened to be allergic to rabbits, completely froze...
  20. nap91

    Casper & Sophie Photo Delivery

    Your photos are always so stunning :love: although not surprising with such gorgeous little buns :love: