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  1. keletkezes

    How different in intellect are your bunnies?

    Chibbs is very smart (lionhead cross). She hates being handled but also knows I won't stop until her eye is clean (or whatever), so she just gets on with it to get it over with. But, not being as food-oriented as every other bunny we've had, she won't go and get Barrie in when it's pellets time...
  2. keletkezes

    Bertie has just passed - 24th may 2024

    I'm so sorry xxx
  3. keletkezes

    Upgrade Bugs - Report Issues Here

    This happens too:
  4. keletkezes

    Upgrade Bugs - Report Issues Here

    Had consistent Resource Limit Reached for about 5mins this morning.
  5. keletkezes

    Willoughby needs some vibes :(

    Gawd, about 1.4-1.6 I think? Both those numbers feel familiar, I think he was 1.4 when we first took him and 1.6 after he'd been with us for a bit :)
  6. keletkezes

    Willoughby needs some vibes :(

    Hope he continues to improve :D Lopsy didn't do syringes but would have emeprid off a spoon XD Maybe some Lopsyness (the good stuff, not the being a total dumbass) rubbed off on him ;P He is such a dinky thing, Matt was so scared about hurting him, moreso than anybun else! He's soo pretty too...
  7. keletkezes

    RIP Harry

    So sorry to read this xxx
  8. keletkezes

    Raven is gone March 20 24, Apr 15 24 tribute post 27

    The biggest hugs xxx
  9. keletkezes

    Barrie and Chibbs update

    Barrie is pootling along fine. He's not lost any further weight, he seems to be coping really well with life. He gets oats in baby food every morning, in a ball (like those fancy protein balls, or a truffle ;P), and he scoffs that down. He likes the mixed fruit&veg baby food best. Chibbs...
  10. keletkezes

    Brko 15.3.2024

    I'm so sorry to read this :( You did everything you could xxx
  11. keletkezes

    Raven very ill- update He is Gone

    The biggest hugs to you all xxx
  12. keletkezes

    Vibes for Boobly Bear please

    Eurgh, fraud is such a PITA. I had some attempted transactions on my creift card so I've just had to have that reissued. When they call me I'm always on edge for THEM to be the scammers! What you said about Eddy managing both: mine too! I keep getting worried I'm overdoing the pellets, they've...
  13. keletkezes

    Vibes for Boobly Bear please

    Barrie and Chibbs are also packing their bags for a visit! Chibbs seems to be suffering from a bit of weight loss, nothing too concerning given the time of year, and it's not OMG WTH like it was with Barrie, a sudden drop, she's just lost condition more than anything, and maybe it's more...
  14. keletkezes

    Only one thing to do with a wet pussy

    The cat we looked after while her owners move house was officially Isobel, but responded best to Floof. She was a small Maine Coon (so still enormous) same colour as Freddie, and she got a maty bum that I could just about tackle while stroking her head if I let her play with the brush as well...
  15. keletkezes

    Willoughby looking outraged

    When we have to rescue Barrie from the lawn, he forgives us much quicker! It was throwing it down Saturday evening, and they'd unwisely taken shelter in the lawn hutch, which has no access 'out of hours'. Chibbs had eventually gone in to the playhouse but Barrie remained stoically in the hutch...
  16. keletkezes

    Vibes for Boobly Bear please

    Best of luck to you all xxx
  17. keletkezes


    Sorry to read this xxx
  18. keletkezes

    Tigger and Norton 10.01.2012 - 17/20.01.2024

    Sorry to read this xxx
  19. keletkezes

    Mia 2010 - 23.1.2024

    Big hugs xxx
  20. keletkezes

    the 2023 RU Rabbit Directory ....aka show us your bunnies

    I took some pictures! Chibbs, left: she is 'full of personality'. Lionhead cross, about 9, second highest ranking mammal in the household (after me). Has a blocked tear duct on the side shown, otherwise you wouldn't know she was 9. Oh apart from leaning heavily to the right ehen she sleeps...