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  1. Pets mum

    Is it Just me……

    I don't think I've ever done that, well if I have no one's said anything 🤣
  2. Pets mum

    Bertie has just passed - 24th may 2024

    I'm so very very sorry Craig, my heart goes out to you and Jan x sweet dreams little Bertie xxx
  3. Pets mum

    So much peeing!

    Glad the bunnies have got their peeing under control now, and yes poops much easier to deal with ☺️ hope the washing is soon sorted and you can put your feet up Reader xx
  4. Pets mum

    Casper & Sophie Photo Delivery

    Aw beautiful photos as usual Reader, they look so comfy in their lovely home, I could move right in 😊
  5. Pets mum

    Jenna 5-17-08 to 10-9-23

    They are beautiful photos MM, she really was a lovely little girl xx
  6. Pets mum

    Bunnies' Spays

    Hope the bunnies heal quickly Tonibun, sending lots of vibes for them both xx
  7. Pets mum


    So sorry to hear about your home situation, and also your worries about Cookie, as others have said maybe a vet visit can put your mind at rest. Sending you hugs and vibes, hope things get better soon xx
  8. Pets mum

    So much peeing!

    Oh dear, I hope the peeing stops soon, but pleased to hear that the beds are holding up OK ☺️ Sort yourselves out bunnies !
  9. Pets mum

    Morse’s Brother Barnaby

    That's lovely that you keep in touch, both very handsome boys ❤️
  10. Pets mum

    Bertie's hay choice

    Hello Bertie 👋 that does look very yummy 😊
  11. Pets mum

    Rabbit choking on science select pellets

    So sorry to hear how you lost your poor bunnies, but good on you for taking the manufacturer to task. My two bunnies were only ever fed Burgess, but I was given a sample of SS, I never fed it to my bunnies thank goodness. Thank you for sharing, it can't have been easy.
  12. Pets mum

    Butterfly lop on an adventure!

    Aw 😊
  13. Pets mum

    My vets have left

    I really miss the Vets where I lived in Scotland, haven't had much need of them down here. I took George for a quick (very expensive) check up, when we first moved down here, he hissed and growled from his carrier as soon as the vet looked at him, let alone try and touch him (which he didn't). I...
  14. Pets mum

    Lillabelle getting spayed

    Aw they both look very comfy together ❤️
  15. Pets mum

    Lillabelle getting spayed

    Just catching up with your thread, so its good to know that Lillabelle is home, and has started to eat for herself, and has hopped round a bit, both good signs. Sorry that they both came home in a wet state, that's not good. Sending lots of healing vibes for your brave girl, hope she's soon back...
  16. Pets mum

    On Bee Patrol

    😍 ☺️
  17. Pets mum

    Nose Rubs

    Aw happy bunnies 😍
  18. Pets mum

    Lillabelle getting spayed

    Thinking of you and Lillabelle today, keep yourself busy, she'll soon be home xx
  19. Pets mum

    Jenna 5-17-08 to 10-9-23

    So sorry MimzMum, wish I could take your pain away, she was a beautiful little girl, sending you a big hug xx