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  1. Zoobec

    Only one thing to do with a wet pussy

    When my grandma was alive every time I went to see her she asked how my pussy was 🤣 made us smile every time!!
  2. Zoobec

    John-Joe - U/D 20th February 2024- U/D Improving 😀

    Sending lots of vibes xx
  3. Zoobec

    Vibes for Boobly Bear please

    I’m so sorry to hear you lost your dad 😢 I hope that everything will go well at the vets for Boo. It’s a shame not everyone appreciates how much our pets mean to us, those people are the ones who are missing out on the lovely relationship we have with our furry friends.
  4. Zoobec

    Vibes for Boobly Bear please

    Sending lots of vibes xx
  5. Zoobec

    Rupert's eye

    Sending lots of vibes xx
  6. Zoobec


    I’m so sorry 😢 binky free at the bridge, Peter xx
  7. Zoobec

    Jenna 5-17-08 to 10-9-23

    Thinking of you and sending hugs xx
  8. Zoobec

    Rupert's eye

    Sending lots of vibes. I don’t have any experience of this in rabbits, but my sister was blind apart from seeing light, due to glaucoma and cataracts as a child, she was in so much pain that they removed the eye and it is so much better for her now.
  9. Zoobec

    Rabbit shed flooring

    That flooring looks good, I suppose the issue with rubber flooring is if it’s too spongy it will be easier to chew. I use rubber conveyer belt matting which is like stable matting, it is very hard wearing and difficult to cut. But I think you’d need extra cushioning for a bunny with sore hocks,
  10. Zoobec

    Jack’s-Jane Never Existed 😳

    When you registered I’m guessing it was a different device?
  11. Zoobec

    Tigger and Norton 10.01.2012 - 17/20.01.2024

    I’m so sorry xx
  12. Zoobec

    Jack’s-Jane Never Existed 😳

    You are right! I just copied and pasted the name from members and it worked out on a search for post. You need to use this apostrophe type. - Jack's-Jane
  13. Zoobec

    Jack’s-Jane Never Existed 😳

    Click on members at the top and Jack’s-Jane is listed as the most notable, you can click on the posts from there
  14. Zoobec

    Poorly Freja :-(

    So glad she is doing better 👍
  15. Zoobec

    Pooping outside the toilet area

    Are you feeding them hay only in or over their litter trays?
  16. Zoobec

    Mia 2010 - 23.1.2024

    I’m so sorry 😢 thinking of you and sending hugs xx
  17. Zoobec

    When Two Girls Feel Bleurgh......

    Sending vibes to you both xx
  18. Zoobec

    Stasis stress!! :( Day 5 - still no poops!

    I’m so very sorry for your loss 😢 thinking of you and sending hugs xx
  19. Zoobec

    Grieving Rabbit Mum

    I’m so sorry you lost your special friend 😢 when they pass away suddenly without any obvious cause it is extra hard, but at least he had a happy life and didn’t suffer. sending hugs xx
  20. Zoobec

    Heidi Update post 50, surgery cancelled, cancer advanced

    I’m so sorry 😢 I hope she will remain happy for a long time to come xx