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Thread: I Don't Know What I Can Do!!!

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    Default I Don't Know What I Can Do!!!

    I posted this on another Thread but I don't know if it'll be seen so I'm posting it here again. I'm very very sorry if this improper use of the thread but, I can't bare the thought of doing nothing.

    I was over in Belgium today with my Dad and in a little shop, (not a pet shop which is even weirder,) on the floor was a zoozone looking cage with 2 rabbits in. One was lying on the floor of the cage and honestly it looked broken, like a head tilt type thing, and the other seemed in slightly better condition and not "broken". I don't know what I can do for them I can'T just leave it knowing the're suffering. Is there any number I can ring, will the RSPCA be able to help them?

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    Belgium have their own version of the RSPCA:

    Might be worth contacting them.



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