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Thread: Rehoming, how?

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    Default Rehoming, how?

    I need to rehome my bunnies, but how do I go about it? I don't really want to advertise becase you never can really trust what people tell you..

    I can't keep them as i've moved out of home and can't have them in the flat (no garden) and my parents don't want to be left with them

    Lovely boys, one rew rex and one brown agouti. Neutered and bonded. 1.5 years, vaccinated. A litte timid to catch but will sit happily on lap and come for treats and hop around the home. Used to cats, dogs and quiet children. Also potty trained. Never sick or sorry.

    I'd like them to go with their 6'x4' converted wendy house and 16 panel run but how do you know someone might just want the stuff and not the bunnies? Should I ask money or not? Or just get a normal hutch for them to go with and sell their house? I'd just like them to have a good home.

    I'm in Gloucester in case anyone can help

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    There is the rabbits in need section of the forum, you can apply to have them posted on there, here are links to help

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    I understand that you can't put them in the garden, but have you considered having them as house-rabbits in your flat, which is what a lot of people do? There are lots of indoor housing ideas in the Housing section.



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