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    Following on from another message:-

    I would like to plant some wild plants/flowers in my garden, is there anything that I should not plant and would cause harm to my bun?

    The garden is not that big, so Jake gets the whole of it to play in, it is also very well bunny proofed.

    Would be grateful for any advice.

    Thank you

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    oooooh..........bunny heaven would be a nice mix of long grasses and some added clover , alfalfa and things like plantains and dandelions!!
    but if youre talking garden plants then a lawn (organic of course) and herbs, fruit trees ,willow, a birch tree is always nice i some briar fruit like blackberries or the spineless hybrids like loganberries or tayberries? i grow these near the rabbit pens and they are really robust and the buns love the leaves and the fruit and they can climb over arches or fences etc. many a time the leaves of these briars have saved my buns from runny tummies as they are astringent. :wink:

    and getting back to what you asked....poisonous stuff.....well theres such a lot. its easier sometimes to start from scratch and only put in what you know is safe. theres a list somewhere.....not sure if its on here or somewhere else.....i'll go look.



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