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Thread: Sick of the way people treat animals

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    Default Sick of the way people treat animals

    Very angry after a vets visit tonight. While waiting to be seen, a woman and three kids came in and were asking about how old rabbits have to be to have babies because she'd been told both her kids' bunnies were girls, but thought she had seen them mating. Anyway, she went and came back half hour later with what turned out to be a little male bunny in a carrier amongst a mountain of sliced carrots to be left overnight ready for neutering tomorrow morning. The receptionist/nurse told her they couldn't be put back together until after about a month and she was asking if it was cruel to keep him in a small hutch until able to go back in with the female as she didn't want to spend out lots more as had just bought an expensive hutch. She was told it wasn't cruel and it was then suggested she could keep the male bunny in a FISHTANK for this period. This advice is from someone working in a vets who is meant to care about animals! Thankfully the woman said a fish tank in the garden wouldn't be very good, but god knows what size hutch little bunny is going to spend the next month in, poor thing especially after having an operation. I was so angry I couldn't concentrate on paying my bill, sad thing is so many people are happy to treat their animals this badly. I bet she wouldn't ship one of her kids off to have an operation at the drop of a hat and then keep them in a room the size of a downstairs toilet or something! Anyway rant over!

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    I would be complaining to the head vet/owner/practice manager about the ridiculous advice given to the woman!!! Thats shocking!!!



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